Car Magnets are HOT

School Car Magnets for Fundraising

Car magnets are hot, and it’s easy to see why! They make your message visible to your entire community. They also make amazingly easy fundraising items.

Here’s a classic example of a car magnet success story…

Meadowbrook Elementary School PTA was looking for a new fundraiser. In the past, they had tried selling magazine subscriptions, chocolate bars, wrapping paper and similar items to raise money for their programs. All of the money raised from these fundraisers went to the school for new playground equipment, vests for the crossing guards, gifts for teachers and many other good causes. The sales usually meant that the children had to go door-to-door to sell these items. Obviously, this is not the safest way to conduct a fundraiser. In addition, almost everyone had a very good reason for not buying those products… “We already subscribe to every magazine we want”, or “I’m on a diet; I don’t want chocolate in the house!” This type of fundraiser was becoming unpopular and obsolete.

Then the Meadowbrook PTA had a brilliant idea. They had seen other schools and groups that had car magnets designed specifically for them. They searched the internet and found several companies that offered custom car magnets, and one of them was ARC Marketing. Most of the other websites made it difficult to get basic information, and even more difficult to figure out how to get started on their new car magnet. The ARC Marketing website was clear, concise and made it very easy to get started (just click on the Free Virtual Magnet button

Car Magnets for Elementary Schools

Car Magnets for Elementary Schools

Clicking on the Virtual Magnet button was the beginning of a very easy process to get their new magnet designed. Answering a few simple questions was all that was needed for an artist at ARC Marketing to create the first “Virtual Magnet”. This first Virtual Magnet was created and emailed directly to the president at the Meadowbrook PTA. After showing the Virtual Magnet to the board members, they requested a few changes via email. Within an hour, the revised Virtual Magnet was emailed back to the president. One more simple change was requested by the PTA, and again, another Virtual Magnet was emailed to the president. The board unanimously agreed that this version of the new Meadowbrook Elementary car magnet was perfect!


The PTA ordered 500 car magnets at $1.55 each (with UPS shipping charges, the total came to $815.00). They sold them for $7.50 each (our suggested fundraising price is $5 each, but most schools sell them for $6, $7.50 or $10 each). After selling all 500 magnets, the total amount collected came to $3,750. Subtract the $815 cost and they made a profit of almost $3,000!

Can you think of another fundraising item that returns a profit like that?

Here’s another benefit of using car magnets instead of big chocolate bars… awareness. Now, 500 cars have the Meadowbrook Elementary School car magnet on it. It is almost impossible to drive around town and not see dozens of cars with the Meadowbrook Elementary magnet.

Want another benefit? Car Magnets do not have a “shelf life”. If you have unsold chocolate bars after your fundraiser, they go bad after a certain date. Any unused magnets can sit in a storeroom until the next school year (if you have any leftovers), and they will be as good as the day we delivered them to you. Let us help you make your next fundraiser a success!

And car magnets are not just for schools…

Little League Baseball Teams make a lot of money with car magnets, as do Youth Football Teams, Swim TeamsDance Schools,Elementary SchoolsMiddle SchoolsHigh Schools, you name it.

We make car magnets for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts.

We make car magnets for Church groups,YMCA and Kid’s Camps.

We make car magnets for Cancer Awareness,Autism Awareness and Epilepsy Awareness.

We make car magnets for Animal Shelters and Humane Societies.

In fact, I don’t think that there is a group in America that would not benefit from the revenue and awareness created by a custom car magnet from ARC Marketing.

Your group can benefit too, and it is so easy. Just click here to get started on your Free Virtual Magnet.