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Riviera Elementary School car magnets

PTA Annual Giving Campaign car magnets

How many PTA’s have an “Annual Giving Campaign”?  Come on; raise your hands. Most PTA’s and PTO’s have annual giving campaigns and they tend to provide the majority of funding each and every year.

Often, the PTA asks each family to contribute a minimum set amount to the campaign. This money is usually used to fund the gap between what the state provides, and the true cost of delivering a quality education to each student.

Sometimes local businesses will donate goods or services for anyone who donates a certain amount. For example, a local travel agent might donate a $1,000 travel/vacation voucher, and everyone who contributes gets a ticket for a raffle where the travel voucher will be awarded. Some schools offer tickets to galas for receptions where the parents can mingle.

Regardless of what is offered, most families give, and give big. After all, it’s their kids who will ultimately benefit from the extra funding.

OK, so how do you thank and acknowledge all parents who gave? How about a custom car magnet that signifies their generosity. Everyone likes to me recognized when they do something philanthropic.  This type of “gift for donation” is very inexpensive, but can mean so much to the parents. The car magnet shown above was given to the parents at Riviera Elementary School in Torrance, California.

Let our art department create a stunning Annual Giving Campaign car magnet for your parents. The design is free with no obligation to buy magnets, so you have nothing to lose! Visit our website and fill out the “Virtual Magnet Request Form, and one of our artists will start working on your new magnet.

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