Car Magnets: What makes a strong car magnet design?

How to Design an Effective Car Magnet

Fundraising car magnets can certainly make money for your projects, but they can also create a lot of exposure for your school, your team or for your cause. So the questions is, how do you design your new car magnet to be both a strong fundraising tool and a recognizable symbol around your community? On personalized vehicle magnets, simpler is usually better. Remember, most people are going to be reading your new car magnet from at least a car-length away, and sometimes at freeway speeds, so having a lot of words (which means the letters will be smaller) is going to be less readable than just 2 or 3 words. We like to design our magnets with the most emphasis at the top of the magnet (your school name, your team name, etc.) in large letters. We like to put your logo or mascot (or any artwork) in the center of the magnet. Any other words can be put at the bottom of the car magnet in a slightly smaller font. This is just our suggestion! Since we do not charge for the time our artists spend on your design, why not experiment with 2 different designs? Remember, we do not charge more for extra colors, or for custom shapes, so get creative on your new car magnet.

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