Fundraising Car Magnets

PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for Elementary Schools

Fundraising Car Magnets for Elementary Schools

Car Magnets for PTA and PTO Fundraising

Summer is here and that means your school has new Parent/Teacher Group Officers. It does not matter if you are with a PTA, PTO, PTSO or one of the many other types of Parent/Teacher groups… your new Officers have just been elected and now it is time to get to work.

One of the most important jobs for your Parent/Teacher Group is fundraising. Your group will be raising money so that you can help your school purchase certain things that were not in the school budget. If you are with an Elementary School Parent Group, you could be raising money for playground equipment or safety vests for street-crossing attendants. Maybe you are with a middle school, you could be helping pay for equipment for after-school sports. And if  you are with a high school, you could be helping to pay for prom expenses.

It doesn’t matter what grade your kids are in; their schools need your financial help more than ever in 2015. School budgets are razor-thin and the things we used to take for granted are no longer paid for by the schools and school districts.

Custom car magnets from ARC Marketing allow you to raise a significant amount of money while increasing school spirit. If your Parent/Teacher group sells only 250 magnets, it would be almost impossible not to double your money. Sell more, make more. It’s that simple.

ARC Marketing is known for designing and producing America’s most creative, most durable car magnets. Hundreds of schools trust their most important fundraiser to ARC Marketing every year. We invite you to join our long list of satisfied schools and let us design a car magnet that will put your annual fundraising effort on the fast-track. It’s easy to get started! Just call us at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Soccer Club Car Magnets

Now that the whole world is watching the World Cup, I thought this might be a good time to remind all of the Youth Soccer Organizations that a custom vehicle magnets would be an excellent way to raise money for your league or team.

We have the most talented magnet designers in the industry. Our artists know what it takes to make your car magnet look professional and compelling. Here is a magnet designed for the New Scotland Soccer Club in Voorheesville, NY.

Fundraising Car Magnets for Soccer Clubs

Fundraising Car Magnets for Soccer Clubs

Car Magnets for Soccer Club Fundraising

Soccer is the most popular youth sport in America (sorry Baseball!). Like every other youth sport, it’s very expensive to be the parents of a budding soccer superstar. I don’t need to go through the long list of expenses that you need to absorb as soccer-parents.

But here’s a partial solution; fundraising for your kid’s soccer team with custom car magnets. We can design a car magnet for your kids’s team that would rival those we make for professional soccer teams (yeah, we do that too). And getting started is easy; just click on this link and one of our talented graphic artists will create a unique, custom car magnet design for your team.

The team we’re featuring in this blog post is the New Scotland Soccer Club.

The New Scotland Soccer Club is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year, and wanted a magnet to commemorate that event. This durable, attractive magnet is going to be on hundreds of cars in the Voorheesville area, and it will both increase awareness and raise money for the club.

Let us design a custom car magnet for your soccer team or league. It’s easy to get started! Visit our website at and request a free Virtual Magnets. One of our talented artists will create a work of art that will impress everyone.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Car Magnets: What makes a strong car magnet design?

How to Design an Effective Car Magnet

Fundraising car magnets can certainly make money for your projects, but they can also create a lot of exposure for your school, your team or for your cause. So the questions is, how do you design your new car magnet to be both a strong fundraising tool and a recognizable symbol around your community? On personalized vehicle magnets, simpler is usually better. Remember, most people are going to be reading your new car magnet from at least a car-length away, and sometimes at freeway speeds, so having a lot of words (which means the letters will be smaller) is going to be less readable than just 2 or 3 words. We like to design our magnets with the most emphasis at the top of the magnet (your school name, your team name, etc.) in large letters. We like to put your logo or mascot (or any artwork) in the center of the magnet. Any other words can be put at the bottom of the car magnet in a slightly smaller font. This is just our suggestion! Since we do not charge for the time our artists spend on your design, why not experiment with 2 different designs? Remember, we do not charge more for extra colors, or for custom shapes, so get creative on your new car magnet.

Are you ready to get started on your new car magnet? Click here and fill out our Free Virtual Magnet form and one of our artists will get started on your new custom car magnet.