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Okay, so “THE Ohio State University” is the National Football Champion of 2014. Big Deal, right? Yeah, it is a big deal. Hundreds of teams and thousands of players play college football each season. Millions of students and millions of alumni watch college football every season. And through all of this, there is only one National Champion. So yeah, it’s big deal.

Congratulations to Ohio State University. OSU has a huge alumni base, and every one of them still follow the football team like they did when they were freshmen in Columbus. They watch the games on TV when they can, and most alumni chapters actually go to at least one home game every season. We are proud to supply some of their alumni chapters with promotional car magnets for their members.

Car magnets are not just for fundraising. A properly designed car magnet can be an amazingly powerful awareness enhancer. These custom designed car magnets are on cars all over Jacksonville and Sarasota, respectively. Each of these chapters ordered 500 magnets, so you know the word is out. Driving around those towns, it would be difficult to go an entire day without seeing one of these car magnets. That’s exposure with a capital “E”.

The year before, Florida State won the National Championship, but they didn’t call us to create magnets for their alumni. Not sure why, but maybe their alumni just didn’t think it through. We would like to extend the invitation, right now, to make car magnets if they ever win the National Championship again.

Car magnets are a great way for any group, any club, to raise awareness and create a sense of community. From car clubs to Golden Retriever clubs, every group can put themselves on the map with a custom car magnet from ARC Marketing. Oh, and we’ll create your new car magnet design for FREE! Just give us a call at 760-743-6340!

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