Magnets for High School Football Booster Clubs

Car Magnets for High School Booster Clubs

Car Magnets for High School Booster Clubs

Booster Club car magnets are an amazing way to raise money for your High School Football Team.

Friday Night Lights. In most towns, this is a religion… High School Football is the only game in town.

Most high schools have a football booster club, organized and run by a handful of parents who want nothing more than to have fun on Friday night, watch their sons play the game, and help the team with a little financial assistance. Unless these parents are filthy rich, this financial assistance is obtained through fundraising.

We all know that there are an unlimited number of fundraising items out there and you probably already know what those are. But most of those fundraising items are horribly ineffective. They might raise a little money, but probably not. Most of the fundraising items on the market today rely on a “guilt-trip” to sell. Think about it; the last time you bought one of those huge chocolate bars or a neighborhood discount card, did you really want it? Or did you buy it just because you felt you should. Even worse, did you say “Thanks, but no thanks”? Would an avid High School football fan say no to a professionally designed, high-quality car magnet? Heck no! They would buy that in a heartbeat and slap it on their car immediately. They’d probably buy several; one for each car in their family.

Car Magnets by ARC Marketing provide an alternative fundraising item that not only raises money (a lot of money!), but also increase team spirit. If you ran a fundraiser using custom magnets, soon your community would be covered with them. Imagine hundreds of cars with your High Schools football helmet on them.

Let us show your booster club what we can do with your school’s logo. We would love to have one of our talented designers show you how your new car magnet will look at no charge. It’s easy! Just fill out our “Virtual Magnet Request” form, hit the submit button, and in about a day we will email your new magnet design to you. It couldn’t be easier! For you old-timers that have not yet embraced digital technology, you can always send us a telegram, or phone us at 760-743-6340. Either way, now is the time!