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Swim Team Car Magnets – North Georgia Aquatics

Swim Team Car Magnets are an important piece of our business. Swim teams are a unique sports club, when compared to the other sports you can participate in. Most amateur sports outside of schools are designed for the younger portion of our population (football, baseball, soccer, etc.). Swimming is a sport that you can continue […]

Assets School: Learning that transforms lives

In our “Client Spotlight”, we enjoy letting the world know a little bit more about our clients, in their own words… Assets School 60th Anniversary Car MagnetSchool Fundraising Car Magnets is the best way to raise money for the programs that your standard budget does not cover. Assets School is a critical and vital part […]

Fundraising Car Magnets for Youth Hockey

I’m not sure which youth sport is the most expensive, but Youth Hockey certainly ranks near the top. Ice Hockey has a lot of unique and expensive equipment. Here is a list of most of the items (but not all!): • Skates • Helmets • Elbow Pads • Shin Guards • Gloves • Sticks • […]

Gymnastics Car Magnets

Car Magnets for Gymnastics Teams. Gymnastics…this is one sport that doesn’t get enough love. It seems like the rest of the world only pays attention to gymnastics every four years at the Olympics. But behind the scenes, during those other 3 years and 11 months, parents, coaches and gymnasts are working their butts off, training […]

Uniquely Shaped Car Magnets

Custom Shaped car magnets for fundraising. Although round and oval magnets are the most common (they are also the most durable), occasionally a unique “die cut” magnet makes a more powerful statement. Some car magnet companies charge extra for uniquely shaped magnets, so be sure to ask about that before you get too deep into […]

Magnets for High School Football Booster Clubs

Booster Club car magnets are an amazing way to raise money for your High School Football Team. Friday Night Lights. In most towns, this is a religion… High School Football is the only game in town. Most high schools have a football booster club, organized and run by a handful of parents who want nothing […]

The high cost of youth sports

  Youth Football is expensive! Fundraising Car Magnets for Youth Sports The high cost of youth sports, all youth sports (although some are more expensive than others) has led many families to reluctantly pass on Pop Warner Football or Little League Baseball. Those costs include: Membership fees Equipment Travel Add personal coaching and parent’s time […]

Awareness & Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for 5K and 10K Runs  Car Magnets can serve a higher purpose when used to bring awareness to an event that will commemorate a beautiful life and further a legacy. The Runnifer is a 5k run that will help fund the Jennifer Stagnaro Memorial Scholarship. The magnets are a tribute to Jennifer’s […]

Fundraising with Autism Awareness Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for Autism Awareness One of the many ways that car magnets can provide a powerful message is through “cause marketing”. Autism Awareness is one of the causes that have embraced car magnets as a tool to get the message out to the people. Most websites that offer Autism Car Magnets have generic […]

PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets

Car Magnets for PTA and PTO Fundraising Summer is here and that means your school has new Parent/Teacher Group Officers. It does not matter if you are with a PTA, PTO, PTSO or one of the many other types of Parent/Teacher groups… your new Officers have just been elected and now it is time to […]