How to Use Soccer-Themed Custom Car Magnets

How to Use Soccer-Themed Custom Car Magnets

How to Use Soccer-Themed Custom Car Magnets

How to Use Soccer-Themed Custom Car Magnets

It’s about that time of the year. You need to raise money for your soccer team and you’re not sure how. There are plenty of fundraisers to choose from, but selling custom car magnets is one of the best.

You can sell soccer-themed custom car magnets to help raise money for your group. This is a very profitable fundraiser with a small cost, compared to other fundraisers.

If you’re trying to raise money for your soccer team, you need to know how to do it with custom car magnets. Here are some of the ways you can use these magnets to raise money.

5 Ways to Use Soccer Car Magnets for Fundraising

1. Sell to Raise Money

The most straightforward way to use custom car magnets to raise money is to sell them. You can buy these magnets for just a few dollars, or less (based on quantity and design). They sell for $5 to $10 giving you a profit margin of more than 100%.

With the right quantity ordered, you can actually profit around 800% from each magnet you sell.

2. Partner with a Local Business

Finding a local business to partner with can make selling custom car magnets even more profitable. You can have the local business pay for the magnets, which means you can make even more money from each sale.

Trading a small mention on the magnet for the business, such as “sponsored by: COMPANY NAME” will give your partner something for their help.

3. Combined with Another Fundraiser

Custom car magnets are a great fundraiser on their own, but they can also be combined with another fundraiser. You can combine these magnets with a car wash fundraiser, an event fundraiser, or another type of fundraiser to add even more value.

All you have to do is build the cost into whatever you’re selling to create an even better value and profit for your soccer team.

4. Spread Awareness

Along with selling soccer car magnets to raise money, they can be used to spread awareness for your organization. Whether you’re doing a league-wide fundraiser or a team fundraiser, these magnets can be designed to spread awareness.

Parents and other supporters will enjoy displaying these magnets and showing their pride. Then, everybody in the local community will see them as the vehicles drive around.

5. Drive More Fans to Games

You can create a custom magnet and send it as a gift to all your supporters. This may not raise funds directly, but it can help to drive more fans to the games.

If you design the magnet with your game schedule on it, they will know when you’re playing and where. This is a great idea for soccer teams that sell tickets for games or make money from selling concessions.

When you’re trying to raise money for your soccer team, creative fundraising just makes sense. Soccer-themed magnets are a great option and they can be sold or used in other ways to help your raise money.

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