Important Tips for Excellent Custom Fundraising Magnets

Important Tips for Excellent Custom Fundraising Magnets

Important Tips for Excellent Custom Fundraising Magnets

Important Tips for Excellent Custom Fundraising Magnets

When you decide you want to use custom car magnets for your fundraiser, there are some things you need to remember. The design is important and with ARC Marketing, you have plenty of design choices.

Here are a few of the most essential tips to consider when designing custom car magnets.

Top 5 Custom Car Magnet Tips to Consider

1. Your Budget Comes First

The quantity and design of the magnet you choose need to fit your budget. Getting the right custom car magnet for fundraising matters, and if it’s too expensive, it won’t help you.

For example, if you plan to sell custom car magnets, you’ll want to figure the right quantity and size. Our 6″ ovals cost a little more than the 5″ ovals, just like custom shapes will cost more.

Make sure you consider the design and the cost before finalizing things. You can make the cost lower by ordering a larger quantity. In fact, you pay less than half the price when you order 300 or more compared to ordering 100 or less custom car magnets.

One of the best ways to make custom car magnets fit your budget is to find a sponsor or sponsors. They pay for the magnets you want to sell and you allow the sponsor(s) to add their business logo or name to the magnet.

2. Branding Matters

Your brand is the entire identity of the magnet. If you’re selling custom car magnets for your school, the school logo will likely become your branding. Of course, you can also brand the magnets to spread awareness for a cause.

It’s even possible to partner with a local business to sponsor your magnets. Let them include their logo on the magnet or a simple line of text that reads, “sponsored by: COMPANY NAME or WEBSITE”.

3. Use the Right Colors

Some colors simply don’t work well together. You want the right contrast of colors so the magnet looks attractive and grabs attention.

Our design team will help ensure you choose the best colors for your custom car magnet. You can even use our online free magnet design tool to get things started.

4. Include Contact Information

If your custom car magnet is meant to draw attention and interest (maybe for charitable donations) make sure to include contact information. Including a phone number, email address, or website gives people a way to find you and donate money or support the cause.

5. Get Creative with Sales

Custom car magnets can be sold in so many different ways. You can have those participating in the fundraiser sell them or you can package the magnets with something else, such as a car wash or another type of fundraiser.

You can sell custom car magnets at sporting events, concerts, theater events, and more. They can be sold by local businesses you partner with or you can give them away for free if you want to spread awareness.

You can even sell custom car magnets online through social media or other avenues. Get creative and you can find plenty of ways to sell custom car magnets in your local community.

Use these five important tips for custom car magnets and you’re sure to have more success with your fundraiser.