Combining a Local Business Sponsor with Football Car Magnets

Combining a Local Business Sponsor with Football Car Magnets

Combining a Local Business Sponsor with Football Car Magnets

Combining a Local Business Sponsor with Football Car Magnets

A unique way to raise money for your football team is by selling football car magnets. These custom car magnets allow you to add any design you prefer and make a nice profit for each sale.

Unlike food fundraisers, you don’t have to store the items or take orders ahead of time. Just order your custom car magnets and start selling them.

When you want to make your fundraiser even more profitable, you can partner with a local business as sponsors. Allow them to include a small logo or website address as the sponsor for your magnets. In exchange, they will cover the cost of a set quantity of magnets, which makes every sale 100% profit for your group.

If you’re considering your fundraising choices for this year’s football season, consider custom football magnets. Here’s how you can get your magnets for free.

Figure out How Many You Need to Sell

Before you buy your custom car magnets, figure out how many you need to sell to raise enough money. Usually, you can sell these magnets for $5 to $10 and you can certainly offer deals and discounts for multiple magnet purchases.

It’s best to figure out what you plan to sell the custom football magnets for and the deals you plan to offer. Then, you can estimate an average sales price.

Once you have an average sales price, just divide the amount you need to raise by the price. You don’t need to worry about the cost, as the magnets will be free for you if you follow the next step.

Find a Sponsor or Sponsors

Depending on the number of magnets you need to sell, you might need to find one sponsor or multiple sponsors. You will be trading a small logo, website, or other text on your magnet (as the sponsor) in exchange for the sponsor covering the cost of the magnets for you.

For example, if you need to sell 500 magnets to raise the money you need, you can find one sponsor willing to cover the entire cost or five sponsors willing to cover 100 magnets each. Here’s how it would break down, based on the pricing from ARC Marketing assuming you use a 5″ Oval custom car magnet.

  • One Sponsor for 500 Magnets – They pay $575 to sponsor all the magnets
  • Five Sponsors for 100 Magnets each – Each sponsor pays $300 to sponsor 100 magnets

Of course, you can offer sponsorship at other levels, too, such as 150 magnets for $315 or 300 magnets for $435.

Who Will Sponsor Your Magnets?

Local businesses love to help out sports teams and they love to gain advertising for cheap. Paying a few hundred dollars to have their logo, website, or other information as a part of your magnet design gives them great publicity throughout the community.

You may have to contact several businesses before you find the right sponsor or sponsors. If you’ve asked businesses to sponsor other fundraisers in the past, or you have regular donors, it’s a good idea to start with these donors/sponsors first.

If you’re looking for a great way to raise money for your football team this year, consider selling custom car magnets. Find a sponsor or a few sponsors and you can even sell these magnets for a 100% profit.