Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for College Sports

College Car Magnets

Car Magnets for College Sports

High Schools, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools are not the only schools needing to rely on fundraising to support various programs. College sports also need the help of a high quality, well designed car magnet.

When we think of college sports, we think of NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball usually. Sports such as Volleyball, Cross Country and Swimming just don’t come to mind because they don’t have huge, lucrative TV contracts that bring in millions of dollars. These smaller sports are off the radar, and are usually supported by parents of the athletes. The parents and the athletes themselves are on the front lines, raising money with fundraising at its most basic level; bake sales, car washes, etc.

Custom Car Magnets also play a big part in fundraising for these smaller college sports. The magnet shown above was designed for Kenyon College’s Swimming and Diving Team. This magnet fundraiser is coordinated by parents of the athletes, and they have been running this fundraiser for several years.

That having been said, the swimming program at Kenyon College is anything but small. The men’s team is known for winning. From 1980 through 2010, the men’s team won an NCAA record 31 consecutive NCAA Division III National Championships. The women’s swimming team is also considered among the best, winning 23 titles of its own (not consecutively) since 1984. It’s hard to put that into perspective, but the winningest programs in Football and Basketball cannot even come close to that level of excellence.

So put your college sport on the map and increase awareness (while raising money). Let the experts at ARC Marketing design a magnet that your athlete will be proud of.

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