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Custom High School Car Magnets

Custom High School Car Magnets

James Madison High School is located in Vienna Virginia. The school has purchased magnets from ARC Marketing every year for the past 5 years. Each year they order 2,000 magnets. I guarantee that if you are driving through Vienna, you are going to see this magnet on cars everywhere! Talk about owning the town!

Do you want to pump up school pride in your town? Nothing is more effective at creating exposure for your school than a custom car magnet. Imagine hundreds of cars driving around with your car magnet on the bumper. Each car will be seen by about 100 other cars every day.

Getting your free magnet design is easy, just contact ARC Marketing at 760-743-6340. Easier still, just fill out the Virtual Magnet Request Form on our website and one of our talented artists will start working on your design ASAP and then email it to you; usually on the same day!

For more info about custom car magnets and how they can improve your fundraising, just visit our website at