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Which Promotional Products are Most Effective?

Advertising and Promotional Car Magnets
Advertising and Promotional Car Magnets

Which Promotional Products are Most Effective?

When you need to promote your business, school, church, or any other organization, the right promotional products make a difference. There are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you plan to hand them out at a trade show, send them in a mailer, or sell the product as a fundraiser, you need to choose the right option.

Before you decide on a promotional product, it’s best to consider how it will represent your organization. Let’s look at some of the top options and how effective they can be.

Top 4 Promotional Products to Consider

1. Custom Magnets

With a custom magnet, you get an affordable and very versatile promotional product. These magnets can be used to promote just about anything and can be customized to match your organization, sports team, or school perfectly. Whether you’re promoting a local pizza business or your church, you can use advertising and promotional magnets to spread the word.

These magnets can also be sold as a fundraiser. With a cool design, you can sell custom magnets to raise money for any type of organization. At the same time, they can raise a ton of awareness.

If you specifically have magnets designed for vehicles, they can become small advertisements all throughout the community. When people put them on the back of their vehicle, they will attract attention, with the right design.

Of course, you can also use custom magnets to remind customers to order again from you or to set another appointment. Since they can go on the fridge or any magnetic surface, they can work as a great reminder. Even sports teams can do this with a schedule magnet.

2. Customized Health Products

With the world paying closer attention to health these days, you can use a custom health product as your promotional item. This could be a bottle of hand sanitizer, a PPE kit, or one of many other options. These products may be welcomed by people at a trade show or as a giveaway at another type of event.

3. Pens

Of course, one of the most common promotional products is a custom pen. These pens come in many different sizes, types, and colors. They are super cheap and can help you spread your brand name by giving them away for free. Of course, pens also offer some longevity, since they will last until the ink runs out.

4. Clothing Products

While you will likely not give away clothing products, unless you have a very high-end brand, they can be great for promoting your business or organization. A cap, t-shirt, or polo shirt can make a good promotional product, for the right organization.

If you’re looking for the most versatile option, a custom magnet offers a great choice. Plus, magnets are very affordable and everybody can use another magnet on their fridge. In some cases, this promotional product fits best for the back of a vehicle, too.

Start by designing your custom magnet online today with our free virtual design tool. If you need help picking out the right magnet, contact us.