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Top Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities

Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities
Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities

When you’re trying to raise money for your sorority, you need to pick, the right fundraiser. There are plenty of fundraiser ideas for sororities to use. With the right fundraiser, you’ll be able to raise the money you need.

Before you choose the right sorority fundraiser, you should consider a few ideas. Let’s look at a few of the top sorority fundraisers to consider.

4 Best Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities

1. Custom Car Magnets

One of the best fundraiser ideas for sororities is selling custom car magnets. You probably won’t be able to do very well if the magnet represents your sorority, but you can do quite well with an awareness magnet.

These magnets allow you to spread awareness about cancer, autism, or something else. When you sell these types of magnets, your sorority can partner with a specific cause. Then, you can donate a portion of the proceeds to the cause and use the rest of the funds raised for your sorority.

Custom car magnets work well because they are budget-friendly, easy to sell and provide plenty of versatility. You can also sell custom sports magnets that represent your school with permission from your school. The ideas of endless with custom car magnets.

2. Car Wash

Another fundraiser you can use for your sorority is a car wash. Your members can do the work and the only cost you will have are the supplies to wash cars. This is a popular fundraiser idea you can use to get some cash flowing into your sorority.

It is possible to combine a car wash with a custom car magnet fundraiser, too. For every car that donates a certain amount, give them a free custom car magnet. This magnet can match your school, a cause, or anything you want and can help drive up donations at your car wash.

3. Sell a Food Product

You can also sell a food product, such as popcorn, pizza, or something else. This can make for a good fundraiser, but it will require the right storage in place when you deliver the products. Plus, you do have to collect money and take orders, and then later, deliver the products you sold.

You can do very well with the right food fundraiser, but it might not be the best choice for your sorority.

4. Hold an Event

There are many types of events you can hold as a sorority to raise money. You can hold a gala night, a cookout event, a competition type of event, or one of many other events. An event can help you work with multiple fundraisers in one place. You can charge for the event, hold a silent auction at the event, and even sell a few products, too.

These are four of the best options when you’re looking for fundraiser ideas for sororities. If you want to make sure you get the right fundraiser, make sure you consider your options and choose the fundraiser you believe you can be the most successful with.