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Top 4 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for the Coronavirus Lockdown

Car Magnets for COVID 19 Fundraising

Virtual Fundraising with car magnets

Top 4 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for the Coronavirus Lockdown

With the world changing, it can be even more difficult to raise money right now. However, there are many virtual fundraising ideas you can use during the coronavirus lockdown and continued social distancing.

Nobody really knows when or if we will be fully back to normal, yet you need to raise money for your organization or group. Let’s look at some of the best virtual fundraising ideas to use right now.

4 Fundraising Ideas for Coronavirus

1. COVID-19 Magnet Fundraiser

What better way to show support and gratitude for frontline workers while raising money. A COVID-19 magnet fundraiser offers a unique opportunity to show support for your local healthcare professionals, first responders, and other frontline workers.

You can have ARC Marketing design the perfect magnet for the cause. Then, just sell these magnets to those looking to show appreciation and raise funds for your group or organization.

Once you have the right magnet design, it’s easy to create a listing on a popular site, such as Etsy or eBay. Then, you can share your fundraiser virtually through social media and even do a video or a video series talking about the fundraiser.

A virtual magnet fundraiser can even be combined with other ideas. You can teach a class virtually and use the purchase of the magnet as the admission ticket. Then, during the class, you can ask for direct donations to your organization, as well.

2. Digital Happy Hour

If you’re a bit more of an adult group, you can do a digital happy hour. This type of fundraiser is a good idea if you’re trying to raise money to help support food and beverage workers.

During the digital happy hour, you can teach others how to make fun cocktails from home and ask for donations through text or online.

3. Virtual Auction

Another fun virtual fundraiser you can use during the coronavirus lockdown is a virtual auction. By having local businesses or individuals donate items or services you can auction off, you can handle everything online. It’s easy to set up and something you can do without the worry of putting anybody in harm’s way.

4. Host an Online Gaming Tournament

Online video games are very popular and those playing these games tend to be rather generous. In fact, an article from The Guardian stated that gamers on twitch gave more than $75 million from 2012 to 2017.

An online gaming tournament gives you the ability to raise direct donations, charge for entry, and even sell merchandise. You can even combine this with a car magnet fundraiser to support your cause.

A few more virtual fundraising ideas to consider include:

  • Virtual Walk or Run
  • Virtual Gala
  • Virtual Discussions
  • Facebook Live Fundraiser
  • Virtual Raffle Fundraiser
  • Guided Learning Online
  • And More!

There are many ways you can raise money virtually during these current times. Many of the virtual fundraising ideas can easily be combined with a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser supporting frontline workers, as well.