COVID-19 Magnet Fundraisers: What You Should Know

COVID-19 Magnet Fundraisers: What You Should Know

We’ve all been impacted by COVD-19. It has caused businesses to shut down, schools to close, and many other issues throughout our communities. Even during these times, fundraising has to continue.

In some cases, new COVID-19 fundraisers have to be created to raise money for the organizations and people impacted most. From health care professionals on the front lines to food banks, the right COVID-19 magnet fundraiser can make a big difference.

Which Organizations Need Fundraisers Now?

Whether you’re trying to create a local fundraiser to help out or you’re in charge of an organization in need, a magnet fundraiser can help. There are several organizations in need of extra funds and support right now. Some of the common community organizations in need of help include:

  • Food Banks
  • Churches
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Hospitality and Tourism Workers
  • Small Businesses
  • And More!

Many community organizations are in need of donations and a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser can help provide needed funds.

Along with these organizations, running a fundraiser to show appreciation for health care professionals, first responders, and other frontline workers is a great idea right now.

Why Choose a COVID-19 Magnet Fundraiser?

Magnets aren’t expensive and they can be sold pretty easily. Many people want to help right now, but they don’t know how to help. They need organizations to put fundraisers in front of them and make it easy for them to support the cause.

Whether it’s a magnet showing appreciation for specific workers or a magnet reminding everybody to wash their hands, a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser is a great idea.

The low cost of creating the magnets makes it easy to sell these magnets and raise money. Even those without much cash to help support local communities can get involved since COVID-19 magnets aren’t expensive.

COVID-19 Magnet Fundraiser for Groups

A magnet fundraiser doesn’t have to feature a specific organization. The magnet design can fit any type of group including school groups, church groups, local communities, and more. It can even be a simple design with a # or zip code for your local community.

No matter the design, a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser can be used by any local group for fundraising. You can even shift your group’s efforts to raise money for both your needs and to help a local organization. Instead of keeping the profits for your school group, sports group, or church group, do a 50/50 split and donate half the proceeds to a local food bank or another cause.

COVID-19 Magnets Supporting Health Care Professionals

A great way to raise money and show your support for the frontline workers is through a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser. We can design a magnet helping you to show support for all the health care professionals, grocery store employees, and other frontline workers in your community.

Then, you can sell the magnets to those in the community to help raise money for your organization. Maybe you need to raise money for a church group, food bank, school group, or another organization. Let us create the perfect COVID-19 magnet for your fundraiser.

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