Which Type of Promotional Magnet is the Right Choice?

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Which Type of Promotional Magnet is the Right Choice?

The right promotional magnet will help you spread your message. Custom magnets come in a variety of styles, sizes, and models.

Some magnets are designed for cars, while others work better as a promotional magnet meant to be displayed on the fridge. Let’s look at some of the most common styles of custom promotional magnets to help you decide which is best for your specific needs.

Calendar Magnets

A great choice at the beginning of a new year, calendar magnets feature every day of the year. These magnets give you the ability to gain advertising for the entire year. Since you can place your business card in the middle with six months above and six months below, you can gain advertising for an entire year.

Calendar magnets can also work well for fundraisers. They can be used for schools or sports teams to provide a great design for raising money.

Shaped Magnets

If your business can be summed up by a unique shape, such as an ice cream shop using an ice cream cone shape, a shaped magnet may be best. With the right shape, you can quickly communicate your message through a custom magnet.

Shaped magnets can be created for all types of companies. These promotional magnets will turn heads and communicate your marketing message fast.

Car Magnets

For those moving around the community in their vehicles often, a car magnet is the best choice. With the right design, you’ll gain visibility and branding throughout a local community.

Custom car magnets can also work great for fundraisers. They can be designed for parents, relatives, and other supporters to display on the back of their car.

Business Card Magnets

Why hand out a basic business card destined to get lost in someone’s wallet or purse when you can hand out a business card magnet?

A business card magnet can be displayed on the fridge in a person’s home or on the side of a filing cabinet at their office. When they need your services, your contact information will be easy to find.

You can even have a custom car magnet designed to look like a large business card. This type of magnet will help you gain visibility as you drive throughout the community.

Picture Frame Magnets

Maybe you want to sponsor a sports league and provide magnets for their yearly pictures. This is a great way to get your company logo out there, while also providing something of value. With the right picture frame magnet, you can gain excellent marketing visibility, while also helping a youth sports league, school, or another organization.

There are several different types of promotional magnets to consider. For those looking to gain visibility in their community, a custom car magnet offers a great choice. Of course, you’re not limited to using just one type of magnet.

Maybe matching your business card magnet to your custom car magnet offers the best advertising option. Consider these types of promotional magnets and choose the one best suited for your needs.