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Tips for Your Next Christian Fundraiser

Church Car Magnets
Church Car Magnets

Tips for Your Next Christian Fundraiser

Running a Christian fundraiser isn’t the same as running any other fundraiser. If you plan to use custom car magnets for fundraising, for example, the design will be quite different compared to raising money for a sports team.

When you want to run a successful Christian fundraiser, you need to know what you’re doing. Let’s look at a few of the best tips for running a successful Christian fundraiser.

Make Sure You Have Permission

If your Christian fundraiser is for a church or a specific group, make sure you get leadership within that group to sign off before moving forward. The last thing you want to do is design a custom car magnet for a church only to find out the pastor doesn’t like the design.

Take the time to speak with the leadership to get approval before you move forward. This will help save you and future headaches.

Pair Multiple fundraisers

Custom car magnets work great as a fundraiser, but you can also pair them with other types of fundraisers. Maybe you want to sell Christmas trees during the holiday season. Why not sell custom car magnets as you sell the trees?

You can use the magnets as an add-on option for $5 or $10 and many buyers will be more than willing to support the cause. You might sell one or two per tree you sell and raise even more money.

You can also pair custom car magnets with a Christian music concert. Sell them to represent the artists or the church at the event and you can raise even more money than just the money you raise from ticket sales.

Work with Other Churches

If you have a fundraiser you want to use for your Christian church, but you’re not a large church, consider partnering with another church. You will have more people to help with the fundraiser and a larger audience to target as you try to raise funds.

Contact Previous Donors Directly

Usually, churches and other Christian groups keep a record of those giving to the cause. It’s a good idea to contact previous donors directly before you start the fundraiser. Offer them the first chance to buy your custom car magnets or offer them a chance to support your Christian fundraiser in another way.

Past donors are more likely to support you again and can make it much easier to get your fundraiser started.

Make Regular Announcements

Whether you’re running a Christian fundraiser for a church or a group, you want to announce it regularly. If you’re working with a church, ask to have the fundraiser announced at services and during other group events.

When you’re not doing a Christian fundraiser for a church, you can ask area churches if they will announce your fundraiser or include it in their newsletter. This is a great way to spread the word and make your Christian fundraiser more successful.

These tips will help you make your next Christian fundraiser more successful. Make sure you have permission from leadership and do everything you can to promote your fundraiser to the right audience.