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The Right Fundraisers for Sports Teams

Car Magnets for Sports Teams
Car Magnets for Sports Teams

The Right Fundraisers for Sports Teams

When you need to raise money for your sports team, you need the right fundraisers. Finding a good fundraiser for a sports team isn’t always easy. You need something you can get your team excited about and something supports will also like.

There are plenty of fundraising ideas to choose from. Whether you prefer something common, such as a car wash, or something a bit more involved, like a gala event, you have plenty of options.

Of course, adding a custom car magnet fundraiser for your sports team to your options will only help you raise more money. The best part about a custom car magnet fundraiser is it can be paired with many of the other options on the list or used all by itself.

If you want a highly profitable, very easy to run, fundraiser for your sports team, selling custom car magnets just makes sense. Let’s look at some of the fundraisers for sports teams you can use with a custom car magnet fundraiser.

Top 4 Fundraisers for Sports Teams

1. Youth Sports Camps

One of the fundraisers that simply makes sense for sports teams is running a youth sports camp. If you’re raising money for a high school or college team, you can offer a youth sports camp and let the players be the coaches.

Add in some custom car magnets you can sell to represent the camp or include as a part of the package, and you have an even better fundraiser. The kids in attendance can learn specific skills and enjoy a great time with high school or college athletes showing them how to be better at their chosen sport.

2. Car Wash

Of course, an easy fundraiser you can run is a car wash. This type of fundraiser just requires a place to hold it, the supplies to wash vehicles, and your team to do the work.

You can combine this with a custom car magnet fundraiser by selling the magnets as a part of the deal. If you’re washing cars for donations, you can give away a magnet with any donation of $20 or more. This can help up the amount people donate to your sports team fundraiser.

3. Concession Stand

Maybe you have a space to sell concessions during games. If this is the case, you can run a concession stand to raise money for your sports team.

Of course, it’s not hard to add in custom car magnets with your team’s logo, since they can be sold right from the concession stand. You can even create a package deal with a few snacks and a magnet for a specific price.

4. Sell Food

There are several food items you can sell as a fundraiser for your sports team. From pizza to popcorn to cookie dough, there are many to choose from. Just keep in mind, you’ll have to take orders and fulfill those orders, so it will take some additional work.

When you need a good fundraiser for your sports team, choosing the right option will help you raise the necessary funds. With custom car magnets, you can add to another fundraiser or create an entire fundraiser just by selling the magnets for a profit.