The Fundraising Fundamentals You Must Consider

Fundraising Fundamentals You Must Consider

Fundraising Fundamentals You Must Consider

The Fundraising Fundamentals You Must Consider

Creating a successful fundraiser means you need to have specific fundraising fundamentals in place. Getting your priorities straight will make your efforts pay off.

Any good fundraiser will spread awareness about the needs of your group and the fundraiser you’re offering. When these two fundamentals are properly addressed, you’ll be on the road to a successful fundraiser.

Spreading Awareness

Before you can raise money for your group, you must spread awareness of your need. For example, if you’re trying to use a custom car magnet fundraiser to raise money for a youth sports team, before the magnets arrive, start spreading awareness about the fundraiser and the team.

Consider the “spreading awareness” phase as the warm up for your target audience. Create a single sentence about your group, why you need to raise money, and how you plan to raise money. Make sure everybody participating knows the sentence and can share it with potential supporters with excitement.

If your participants don’t know how to spread awareness about your reason for raising money and how you plan to do it, your success will be limited. Along with having participants spread awareness, you can also do all or some of the following:

  • Post flyers and posters
  • Send out a press release
  • Use roadside signs
  • Get covered in a local newspaper
  • Do a public service radio announcement
  • Send out pre-fundraiser postcards, letters, or emails

Don’t Assume You Can Just Tell People & They Will Support You

It’s a mistake to start a fundraiser and just tell people what you’re selling and why. You’ll find some success with this approach, but warming up your audience goes a very long way.

When you spread awareness about your group, your needs, and the fundraiser you have coming up, you’ll sell more, faster. If a popular store tells their audience a huge discount sale is coming up, people will camp out the day of the sale. However, if they don’t announce it, most people won’t show up.

Announce your fundraiser early and communicate your group’s need clearly and concisely. Make sure your sellers understand the needs of the group and what you’re selling to raise money.

Connect on an Emotional Level

A fundamental of a successful fundraiser is connecting on an emotional level. Those selling for you need to feel an emotional connection to the group’s needs and the fundraiser. This will help translate into an emotional connection for those willing to buy.

For example, if you design a custom car magnet with your team’s logo, it will connect with parents and other supporters of the team. However, if you create a custom car magnet to spread awareness about curing cancer, it will connect on an emotional level with a larger audience.

Connecting on an emotional level with everybody involved will take your fundraiser to another level. People make purchases with emotions every single day. An awareness car magnet is a great way to raise money, spread awareness, and connect on an emotional level.

When you’re ready to start your next fundraiser, make sure you get these fundraising fundamentals right. Spread awareness about the needs of the group and the fundraiser early. If you do this, and you connect on an emotional level, you’ll enjoy better success.