Creating an Amazing Custom Fundraising Magnet

Top Tips for Creating an Amazing Custom Fundraising Magnet

Top Tips for Creating an Amazing Custom Fundraising Magnet

Top Tips for Creating an Amazing Custom Fundraising Magnet

A custom car magnet for fundraisers offers something fun and simple. Creating an amazing custom fundraising magnet will help you spread awareness and raise money for your group.

Whether you’re creating a fundraising magnet for a sport team, youth group, school, or church, the right design makes a difference. It needs to connect emotionally, stand out, and provide value for your audience.

5 Tips for Your Custom Fundraising Magnet Design

1. Use Emotion to Your Advantage

If you have a cause you can spread awareness for, use it to your advantage. Maybe your group wants to spread awareness about breast cancer. Create a custom fundraising magnet with a pink ribbon will help you connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Consider the different ways you can connect with you audience. Partnering with a cause can go a long way. Look for causes in your local area that will have an impact on your audience.

2. Pick the Best Size

Bigger is better, sometimes. With custom fundraising magnet the size you choose depends on what you plan to display on the magnet. The size will also change the price, so make sure you consider your budget.

You might want a larger custom car magnet so it will stand out better. Larger magnets can also provide more room if you need to display the logo or name of a sponsor.

While a one-inch larger custom car magnet might not seem that much bigger, it can make a big impact. That extra inch might allow for more awareness and the magnet becomes easier to spot.

3. Choose a Custom Shape

Maybe the standard oval or round shape simply doesn’t work for your needs. A custom shape can make your fundraising magnet unique. It can make it stand out even more.

Football teams can choose the shape of a helmet, while churches can use the shape of a steeple or a cross. With a custom shape, your magnet won’t be like all the other magnets.

4. Pick Good Colors

For some, the colors will simply be the team colors, school colors, or the same colors found in your logo. For others, designing the right custom fundraiser magnet means choosing the best colors. You want to make sure the colors work together and get your message across boldly.

5. Get Creative, but Keep it Simple

Creativity will go a long way in ensuring your magnet stands out. However, if you go overboard, it could become too busy and your message might become blurred.

Take your magnet to the next level with creative graphics and fun colors. Just make sure it’s simple enough to get your message across without seeming too busy.

Designing the perfect custom fundraising magnet doesn’t need to be difficult. Use these five tips to ensure you have the perfect custom car magnet for your upcoming fundraiser.

Our professional design team will help you every step of the way. We can make recommendations to ensure you have a great fundraising magnet your audience will love.