Fundraising Car Magnets

Raise Awareness & Promote Your Organization with Custom Magnets

Awareness Car Magnets
Awareness Car Magnets

Raise Awareness & Promote Your Organization with Custom Magnets

One of the best giveaway items you will find is a custom magnet. Whether it’s displayed on a refrigerator, vehicle, or another magnetic surface, it can provide positive results. Whether you run a small business or a non-profit organization, giving away custom magnets should be a part of your strategy.

Of course, you can also sell these magnets as a fundraiser. Custom fundraiser magnets are very popular for churches, schools, and sports teams. Not only do you get to raise money, but you can also spread awareness.

You might be wondering what makes custom magnets so powerful? Let’s look at a few of the reasons why they are so great for raising awareness.

High Visibility

A custom car magnet offers incredible visibility. Even if the magnet is displayed on a fridge, it can be designed to stand out and catch someone’s eye. The high visibility makes it easy to grab attention and build awareness.

If the magnet is on a vehicle, those around the vehicle will notice it. The shape might tell them it represents a football team. With the many custom options, your magnet can stand out.

Incredibly Low Cost

You won’t have to pay much to get a large number of custom magnets. You can get them for less than $1 each with the right quantity. Along with the low cost to buy these magnets, they also provide a very low cost per impression compared to other forms of marketing.

Most people will display the magnet on their vehicle or fridge for years. This could mean repeat business for you or increased awareness. If you need magnets for a sports team, include a schedule of your games on it and more people might remember to show up.

Simple to Distribute

If you have a good design, you can give these magnets away pretty easily. It’s even possible to turn them into a fundraising item and earn a very large profit margin. Either way, you won’t have trouble finding people that will want your magnets.

Distribution is the key to spreading awareness. With a well-designed, quality magnet, you can get your message out far and wide without much effort.

Who can Benefit from Custom Magnets?

Many types of organizations and businesses can benefit from custom magnets including:

Just about any organization or business can use custom magnets and find plenty of benefits.

When you want to get the most out of your awareness tools adding custom magnets just makes sense. There are many benefits you can gain from a very small investment in these magnets. With the right design, they can even be sold as a fundraiser.

If you’re considering using custom magnets for any reason, it’s smart to start online with a free magnet design tool. Once you have had a chance to design your magnet, it might be easier to see how it will help you spread awareness. Of course, if you need help with the design, we’re here to offer our support. Contact us today and find out more about what we can offer you.

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