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Top Fundraiser Ideas for Private Schools

Fundraising car magnets for Private Schools
Top Fundraiser Ideas for Private Schools

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Private Schools

When you need to raise money for a private school, there are plenty of options. School fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes. With the right options for your private school, you can raise the money you need.

Before you make your decision, make sure to consider some of the top fundraiser ideas for private schools. Here are a few of the best choices.

5 Private School Fundraiser Ideas to Consider

1. Custom Car Magnets

With a custom car magnet fundraiser, you get the right product to sell to your supporters. Not only will they get to support the school financially, but they can also show off their pride in the school year-round. Custom magnets offer an option for parents, students, and anybody else to spread awareness for the school.

This type of fundraiser comes with a high profit margin and they don’t require any special storage. Some of the products you can sell will require cold storage and won’t have nearly the profit margin as custom magnets have.

2. Gala/Silent Auction

A private school can also hold a gala event with a silent auction for the fundraiser. This type of event usually requires some type of meal and entertainment. You can even have the students provide the entertainment with the band playing or by putting on a stage show.

Adding a private auction helps get the community involved. Have local businesses donate items you can auction off and the proceeds all go to help support the school.

3. Walk-A-Thon

You can get the students involved in a walk-a-thon fundraiser. Have them get sponsors that are willing to pledge a specific amount per mile they walk. Then, hold the event and see how far they can walk within a certain amount of time.

You can even pair a custom car magnet fundraiser with this event. If a sponsor pledges a specific amount (make it higher than the average) per mile, they get a custom car magnet.

4. Sell a Food Product

Many food products make good fundraiser ideas from cookie dough to pizzas. While these products may require special storage, they are usually pretty easy to sell. However, the one drawback is the lower profit margin this type of fundraiser has.

It can also be hard to sell food products at specific times of the year. January is a difficult month since many people are starting diets after the holiday season.

5. Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

Offering gift wrapping services or selling gift wrapping paper is a fun idea for your private school fundraiser. This idea can help you get the funds you need, but it only works well during the holiday season. The rest of the year, it will be difficult to make much money off this type of fundraiser.

There are plenty of great ideas for private schools to use for their upcoming fundraisers. Custom car magnets are a great choice and can even pair with other fundraisers to make them more effective. When you need to raise money, consider starting by designing a free virtual custom car magnet with our design tool here.