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Put Your Cause in the Spotlight with Custom Awareness Magnets

Custom Awareness Magnets
Custom Awareness Magnets

Put Your Cause in the Spotlight with Custom Awareness Magnets

Making your voice heard isn’t the easiest thing to do. With custom awareness magnets, you can put the word out there without having to shout.

The magnets will do the shouting for you with a beautiful design, recognizable shape, and bright colors. Whether you’re trying to run a fundraiser or you just want to raise awareness, custom awareness magnets offer a great option.

Benefits of Custom Awareness Magnets

1. Emotional Engagement

One of the major benefits of using custom awareness magnets is the emotional engagement you gain. Whether you’re selling the magnets to raise funds or giving them away to spread awareness, they are more likely to get displayed.

When you have a worthy cause, a custom awareness magnet will get your message out. Those supporting the cause will be motivated to spread the word by displaying a custom car magnet on each vehicle they own.

Sometimes, people want to support a cause, but they don’t know-how. Spending a few dollars on a magnet they can display is a great way to show support and do their part.

2. Provides Incredible Visibility

Imagine if you purchased 1,000 custom awareness magnets and sold them all to people in your community. With 1,000 vehicles driving around town displaying your magnets, awareness will be spread fast and far.

Custom car magnets used to spread awareness give you incredible visibility. Whether you’re trying to raise cancer awareness or awareness for any other cause, car magnets make a great option.

Even if people display the magnets on their refrigerator or file cabinet, they will still provide some visibility for guests or those walking into their office. Of course, car magnets work better, but some may decide to display the magnets on other metal surfaces.

3. Makes Your Cause Easy to Remember

When you sell custom awareness magnets you can spread your cause while making people aware of what it’s all about. They will see your magnets and want to know what it’s all about. If you choose the ribbon magnets, they will know you’re working on supporting something important.

4. Great Fundraiser Option

There are plenty of fundraiser choices out there, but selling custom car magnets gives you a great option. It’s a fundraiser that also spreads awareness.

If you need to raise money for your church, school, sports team, or any other organization, you can even partner with a cause to spread awareness. You can sell magnets to spread autism awareness, while also raising funds for you and an autism foundation.

Since custom car magnets don’t cost very much and they can sell for $7 to $10, you can easily make a huge return. Most fundraisers only offer a 50% return, while custom car magnets offer a return of 100%, 200%, or even more.

If you’re trying to spread awareness for a cause or raise money, custom awareness magnets offer a great option. Arc Marketing is ready to help you choose the right design and help you create the best custom car magnet for your specific needs.