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We’ve said it before, and we’re saying it again… small inexpensive car magnets in large quantities can provide much more advertising value than those large “car door” magnets. It’s a simple math problem, really.

You can spend $600 on 20 car door magnets at and get enough magnets to outfit 10 vehicles (1 magnet on each side of 10 vehicles), or you can spend $600 and get 300 of our promotional magnets that go on the back of 300 cars. Which do you think will provide more advertising value?

Considering that each car will be seen by hundreds of other cars every day, the answer to our math problem is quite obvious (why didn’t they have math problems like this when I was struggling in grade school?).

Ask yourself this question… is it more advantageous to have your advertising magnet on the front doors of your car, or on the back bumper? Think about your daily commute; how often are you stopped at an intersection, behind another car just staring at their back bumper? Dozens of times each day, right? How often are you sitting at an intersection staring out of your side window at the car next to you? Hardly ever.

How about when you are in moving traffic. Again, are you more likely to 1) focus on the car in front of you, or are you 2) staring at the car on your right that is moving in the same direction as you. If you answered #2 above then please don’t be on the road at the same time I am! Let’s bottom-line this… that magnet on the side of your work car is not going to be seen by moving traffic. It’s only going to be read if your car is stopped, perhaps when you’ve pulled to the side of the road to exchange insurance information with the guy that just side-swiped you while trying to read your magnet through is passenger side window.

Let’s get back to our math question… By giving 300 of your clients a less expensive magnet like the one shown above, instead of buying 20 large car door magnets for 10 cars, you will have 30 times more exposure. You now have 300 mobile billboards spreading your message. And if you consider the fact that a magnet on the side of a car is much less effective than a magnet on the back of a car, then that might increase to hundreds of times more exposure.

So, get more exposure when you are on the move and turn every drive into a promotional opportunity.


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