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Lacrosse Team Fundraising with a custom car magnet…

Put your team on the map with a custom car magnet. There are hundreds of fundraisers out there but very few of them actually promote your team while you make money.

Almost all lacrosse teams need to run one or more fundraisers every year to bring in money for equipment, travel expenses, etc. The most common fundraisers are not only boring, but most people really do not want what you are selling. I mean fundraisers like “popcorn” sales, “cookie dough” sales, “magazine subscription” sales, and the like. After the sale, you might have raised a few dollars (and added several pounds of fat), but there is nothing residual.

Car magnets (customized for your team) are a unique item. Car magnets allow you to raise money for your team (sell them for $10 each and triple or quadruple your money), but after the sale you have hundreds of cars driving around broadcasting your team logo all over town. I guess you could make the argument that custom t-shirts do the same thing, but to achieve the same level of awareness that a car magnet provides, all of your fans will need to wear that t-shirt every day for the rest of their life. Sorry, not going to happen.

Long after that t-shirt has been used to wax the car (maybe two weeks after buying it), your custom car magnet will be broadcasting your team name and logo for all the world to see. Getting a custom car magnet is also a lot easier and less expensive than having t-shirts printed, thanks to the Virtual Magnet Request Form from ARC Marketing. Answer a few simple questions about your design (shape, colors, etc.) and one of your expert artists will whip out an awesome magnet design for you. You can get started by clicking here!

For more information about ARC Marketing and what a custom car magnet can do for your fundraising efforts, visit our website at

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