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Move Your Message Faster With Custom Ribbon Magnets

Custom Ribbon Magnets

Custom Ribbon Magnets

Move Your Message Faster With Custom Ribbon Magnets

We’ve all seen custom ribbon magnets on the back of cars, on fridges, and on other metal surfaces. They are super popular and some people will even display multiple ribbons to show their support.

Whether you want to create a ribbon magnet for autism awareness, cancer awareness, or for any other reason, it will certainly move your message faster.

Why Choose Custom Car Magnets for Awareness?

Car magnets offer a very inexpensive option for your custom ribbon magnets. You can get them for just a few dollars per magnet and easily sell them for $7 to $10 per magnet.

With custom car magnets, you can personalize the ribbon magnet to fit your group. Choose the colors, a unique ribbon shape, and the wording. Plus, they get displayed on the back of the vehicle, which means you can turn every buyer into an advertisement for your cause.

Custom Ribbon Magnets are Super Popular

Just go for a drive through any city or town and you’ll likely spot multiple ribbon magnets on the back of vehicles. Whether it’s a simple ribbon with a certain color or it’s a custom car ribbon magnet, they are everywhere.

As one of the most popular types of magnets for spreading awareness, you can use custom ribbon magnets as a fundraiser, too. Of course, you can give them away to spread awareness, but most people won’t hesitate to shell out $7 to $10 per magnet for the right cause.

Ribbon magnets are popular because they provide an easy way for people to help. They can feel good about supporting the cause with their money and with the magnet on their car.

Often, people feel helpless when it comes to certain things, such as autism and cancer. Buying a custom ribbon magnet gives them a way to feel a bit less helpless.

Spread Awareness Today and Into the Future

Custom car magnets in the shape of a ribbon make it easy to spread awareness today and into the future. These magnets are created to last. They are weatherproof and can last years without fading.

Custom car ribbon magnets can be used on any vehicle including trucks, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, and any other vehicle with a metal surface. They can also be displayed on refrigerators, filing cabinets, and other metal surfaces.

Custom Ribbon Magnets are an Attention-Grabbing Mini Billboard

People have been using bumper stickers for years to spread awareness and specific messages. Car magnets are no different. When you’re stuck in traffic, you’ll likely read the magnets, or at least notice them, on the back of the vehicles in front of you.

With the right design, colors, and message, your custom ribbon magnet will stand out. You’ll have mini billboards driving all over town spreading awareness.

No matter the type of custom ribbon magnet you want to create, ARC Marketing is ready to help. We provide custom car magnets at affordable prices with incredible designs. When you want to spread awareness and raise money, our team will help you design the perfect ribbon magnet for your needs.