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How to Use Custom Sports Magnets to Promote Your Brand

Custom Sports Magnets
Custom Sports Magnets

How to Use Custom Sports Magnets to Promote Your Brand

While you might not be looking to promote your brand, a business in your local area could be interested. When a sports team looking to raise money partners with a business, it can be a match made in heaven.

Custom sports magnets can be used to promote your brand or the brand of a business in your local area. These magnets can also be used to help raise money for an organization. Whether it’s for a high school sports team or for a youth sports team, you can raise plenty of cash with the right partnership.

Business & Fundraising Partnership for Brand Awareness

When you need to raise money, you can partner with a local business to sell custom car magnets for your sports team. Whether your team is a baseball team, softball team, or soccer team, this can work out very well.

Businesses are always looking for ways to help the local community. If you can find a baseball fan that loves your team, they might be willing to pay for all your custom sports magnets. In return, they can include their logo as the sponsor for your magnets. This can help with brand awareness for the business and give you magnets you can sell for a 100% profit.

Since the business will cover the upfront cost, every magnet you sell for any price is a profit for your sports team. If you sell magnets for $5, $7, $10, or even more, you will gain full profit for your sports teams. No matter the price, since the business paid for your magnets, you get a 100% profit, which is unheard of with fundraising items.

Why Partner with a Business?

Outside the obvious benefit of getting a local business to pay for your custom sports magnets, you might gain other benefits, too. If you partner with a business and it goes well, they will likely become a regular sponsor/donor for your sports team. Next year, when you run another fundraiser, they will likely be willing to help.

Plus, they will become associated with your sports team, which can help you gain awareness, too. For example, if you partner with a local restaurant, they might put up pictures of your athletes in their business. This can help you gain more fans and sell more tickets for your events.

How the Business Benefits

Your sports team gains plenty of benefits, but so does the local business when they partner to sell custom sports magnets. They get the brand awareness of their logo as a sponsor on all the magnets. Imagine if 500 or 1,000 of those magnets are driving around our city or community with that business logo on them as the sponsor.

Brand awareness is a huge benefit for the business, but there’s more. The business also gains a charitable tax write off and they will look good in the community. You can even give them a team picture to hang up with a plaque as a thank you for sponsoring your fundraiser. This helps to make customers feel good when they see it displayed in the business.

Custom sports magnets can help raise awareness for your brand and help a sports team raise plenty of cash. Partnering with a local business gives you a great fundraiser and provides plenty of benefits for the business, too.