How to Choose the Right PTO Fundraiser

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How to Choose the Right PTO Fundraiser

Schools offer several types of fundraisers throughout the year. Some of the fundraisers are specific to certain groups, such as a PTO fundraiser.

If you’re in charge of the PTO and you want to make sure you run the right fundraiser, you need to look at all your options. From selling popcorn or cookie dough to holding car washes to selling custom car magnets, you have several options to consider.

Your job is to choose the right fundraiser that members of the PTO will be excited about. Most PTO members will likely want a hassle-free fundraiser that actually works. Here are some of the things you want to consider when it’s time to choose the right PTO fundraiser.

4 Tips for Choosing a PTO Fundraiser

1. Start with a Plan

The right plan goes a long way to the success of your fundraiser. You want to get as many parents involved as possible. Of course, you also have to strike the right balance as you don’t want to be known as the PTO that only runs fundraisers non-stop.

Create a plan with a budget and put limits on how many fundraisers you will run. For most PTO groups, running two or three fundraisers will be plenty, if they are done correctly.

2. Consider Your Current Resources

Some PTO fundraisers will require specific resources, such as volunteers with specific skills. Evaluate the resources you have and make sure you choose a fundraiser fitting those resources.

You will also want to consider the amount of time you have to plan the fundraiser. Bit events, such as silent auctions, golf outings, and galas take quite a bit of time to plan. If you don’t have the right people for these bigger events, they can become a huge flop.

Choose your fundraisers based on the abilities of your members and the time they want to put into the fundraiser. Custom car magnets fit very well for PTO fundraisers because they aren’t time-consuming and don’t require a ton of planning.

3. Supplement Larger Event Fundraisers

If you do choose to run a big event, like the Colonia Middle School Basketball Tournament or a Carnival event, you can supplement these fundraisers with smaller fundraisers. Within the bigger event, you will likely sell concessions and other items. Why not sell custom car magnets to support your cause, too?

By combining a larger event fundraiser with a custom car magnet fundraiser, you will already have a captive audience ready to support your cause. Plus, magnets can easily be carried around while people are playing games or watching an event.

4. Consider Your Audience

When choosing a sales fundraiser, especially with food products, consider your audience. Maybe you live in a community filled with very healthy and active people. Selling cookie dough or pizza probably won’t go over well.

Many food products are harder to sell because of the variety of diets people practice today. You will always be excluding somebody from the gluten-free dieters to the keto groups to the vegans.

A sales fundraiser can still be used, but you may want to avoid food products. Instead, consider designing a custom car magnet as your PTO fundraiser.

These four tips will make it much easier to figure out the right PTO fundraiser for this year. Consider what you have at your disposal and match the right fundraising idea with your group’s abilities.