Custom Car Magnets vs. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnets vs. Cookie Dough Fundraiser


Choosing the right fundraiser isn’t easy. There are so many choices today including custom car magnets and cookie dough.

So, the lesson of this blog post is to which makes a better fundraiser. Custom Car Magnets vs. Cookie Dough Fundraiser…

While both offer a unique way to raise funds for your school, sports team, youth organization, church, or other cause, they are certainly not the same. Let’s look at these two fundraising options to see which one is the better choice for your specific needs.

The Downfall of a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

If you choose to sell cookie dough as a fundraiser, you will need plenty of refrigerated storage. You might even need to store it in a freezer.

It will start with going around and taking orders for cookie dough. Then, once all the orders have been placed, you will order the cookie dough from your supplier. It will arrive and you’ll need to keep it safe until it can be delivered.

Keeping cookie dough safe requires special refrigerated/frozen storage. This means you need to use a large cooler or freezer unless you simply didn’t sell much.

Another issue with a cookie dough fundraiser is the limited shelf life. It will be eaten, and then those purchasing it will have nothing left. In addition, they have to do the work of baking it to create cookies.

Why a Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser is Better

The obvious point here is the storage issue. With a custom car magnet fundraiser, you don’t need any special storage. This makes a custom car magnet fundraiser more appealing for many groups and organizations.

Along with the storage issue, custom car magnets provide long-term value. They don’t go bad or run out. Instead, you can show your pride for the organization or group for as long as you want.

Custom car magnets also offer a way to grab your audience and make a statement. Cookie dough can be found at any grocery store, but a custom magnet is a one-of-a-kind item with a message. If you’re trying to make a lasting impression, cookie dough isn’t the answer.

Spreading Awareness & Raising Money

The decision between custom car magnets and cookie dough for your fundraiser really shouldn’t be difficult. With cookie dough, you gain hassle, stress, and obstacles to delivery. Custom car magnets are easily sold, delivered, and make any statement you prefer.

Cookie dough won’t do anything to spread awareness for your organization or cause. With a custom car magnet, you get a one-two-punch. You can raise money and spread awareness as your supporters drive around with the magnets on their cars.

While there may be some merit to a cookie dough fundraiser for some groups, most groups will find custom car magnets easier to sell and more profitable. Raising funds isn’t easy, but the item you choose to sell can make it quite a bit easier.

The convenience, durability, flexibility, and custom options make running a custom car magnet fundraiser the right choice. Cookie dough just doesn’t offer the same one-two-punch. It may taste good, but you can buy it in any grocery store, likely for a cheaper price.

When it’s time to raise funds for your group, design a custom car magnet. It’s an easy fundraiser allowing you to spread awareness throughout your community.