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Custom Car Magnets vs. Coffee Bean Fundraiser

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Custom Car Magnets vs. Coffee Bean Fundraiser

Choosing the right fundraiser for your school, sports team, or even your church isn’t easy. When you have it narrowed down to selling a product, you want to choose the right product. There are many options and we are going to compare custom car magnets and coffee bean fundraisers within this post.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Coffee Bean Fundraiser: A Complete Comparison

Profit Margin

When you choose to sell custom car magnets, you gain access to one of the highest profit margin options for fundraising. You can pay less than $1 per magnet and sell them for $10 or more pretty easily. This makes your profit margin massive. Of course, your profit margin with custom car magnets will vary depending on the quantity you buy and the price you sell the magnets for.

Selling coffee beans for your fundraiser will give you around a 50% to 100% profit margin. That sounds great, but it means you will make around $5 on a bag of coffee beans you sell for $10. This is a decent profit margin, but not as high as selling custom car magnets.

Winner: Custom Car Magnets


Obviously, no special storage is needed for custom car magnets. You can store them pretty much anywhere and in any type of climate and they will be just fine.

With coffee beans, you may not think you need special storage, but many coffee drinkers keep their beans in the refrigerator or freezer. Even if you don’t go this route, if they get stored incorrectly, your coffee beans may not be as good as they could be.

While you don’t really need special storage for coffee beans, it can help keep the coffee beans fresh, longer. They certainly can’t be stored at high temperatures or they could become bad.

Winner: Custom Car Magnets, by just a little bit.

Ease of Sale

It might seem like coffee is simple to sell. Most people drink coffee. In fact, 60% of Americans drink coffee every day. However, many coffee drinkers have their favorite brand/type and will stick with it. You might find it hard to sell to these types of coffee drinkers.

With custom car magnets, your audience is someone owning a car or with any type of magnetic surface. Even if the magnet isn’t displayed on a vehicle, it can be put on a fridge, filing cabinet, or another magnetic surface. This makes selling custom car magnets easier.

Also, with some coffee bean fundraisers, you will take orders, and then deliver the coffee. Custom car magnets are sold and delivered all in one transaction. This can make it easier to get someone to buy out of impulse since they can take the product with them immediately.

Winner: Custom Car Magnets

Final Decision

For most groups, selling custom car magnets is a better option than selling coffee beans. They are easier to store, provide a higher profit margin, and tend to be easier to sell. If you want to raise money for your group, selling car magnets also offers brand awareness and other benefits.