Custom Car Magnets vs. Auction Fundraisers

Custom Car Magnets vs. Auction Fundraisers

Custom Car Magnets vs. Auction Fundraisers

Custom Car Magnets vs. Auction Fundraisers

Choosing the right fundraiser for your group isn’t easy. Looking at custom car magnets vs auctions for your fundraising will help you choose between the two.

Both selling custom car magnets and holding auction have benefits and the ability to help you raise money. Let’s look at both so you can better make your fundraising decision.

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser

When you want to make money for your group and you don’t want to sell food products, custom car magnets offer a solution. There are plenty of design options to choose from and you’ll gain a good return on your investment.

Custom car magnets work for a wide variety of groups including:

When you decide to sell custom car magnets, they come at a very cheap price. You’ll gain a nice profit every single time you sell one. Plus, the more you buy, the lower the price per magnet.

Auction Fundraiser

If you want to raise money with an auction, you can use a silent auction, an online option, or a live auction. Typically, silent auctions pair well with dinners, golf outings, and other gatherings. Regular options also require you to invite people and bring them to the same place.

An online auction fundraiser can be a good idea, but there’s still quite a bit of set up to go through. You still have to find items to sell and figure out how you’re going to market the fundraiser.

Comparing Custom Car Magnets vs. Auctions

The first thing you want to look at when comparing custom car magnet fundraisers and auctions is the amount of work involved. With magnets, you just pick a design, choose how many you want, place your order, and sell them.

An auction requires quite a bit of work. You have to find businesses willing to donate items and services, plan an event, auction off all the items, and market the entire event.

Another thing to look at with these two fundraising options is the return on investment. Since auctions are usually paired with dinners or other events, it’s a bit harder to figure out exactly how much you will make per item. You’ll have to pay for the venue, the food, and other parts of the events.

Custom car magnets offer an easier solution. You’ll know exactly what you paid per magnet and how much you’ll make for each one you sell.

An online auction is a bit easier and less expensive than a silent auction or live auction. However, it’s still harder to put together than selling custom car magnets. You still have to figure out how to market the auction and get people to bid.

Choosing between custom car magnets and an auction fundraiser isn’t a difficult choice. If you’re looking for a clean, simple, and easy fundraiser, custom car magnets are the right choice. If you’re looking to add to your Gala or dinner fundraiser, an auction might fit well.