Create an Amazing Back to School Promotion With Custom School Magnets

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Custom School Magnets

Create an Amazing Back to School Promotion With Custom School Magnets

Custom magnets offer one of the most popular fundraising choices for back to school. Even if you don’t plan to sell the magnets, they can offer a great way to show off your school.

With back to school time coming up fast, it’s time to lock in your fundraising ideas. Custom school magnets should be high on your list due to the high return on investment, the fun designs, and how easy they are to sell.

They may a great gift for back to school, sports teams, and more. You can use different magnets throughout the year for fundraising and awareness spreading campaigns.

Choosing the right design can be difficult, however. Let’s look at a few unique custom school magnet designs to help get your creative juices flowing.

Oval School Magnets

The oval shape is very popular and offers plenty of room to add text and images. Whether you want to add an old school building or a chain of kids holding hands, you have plenty of options to choose from. Of course, you can stick with the classic school logo and name, if you prefer.

Round School Magnets

Another very popular shape for custom school magnets is the round magnet. This design allows you to add a mascot or logo to the center with the school name or slogan on the outer rim. Round school magnets fit very well onto cars and offer an attractive choice.

The round school magnets work great for certain sports teams, too. They fit well for all of the following sports teams:

If you’re working on a back to school fundraiser for your sports team and the ball is a circular shape, round school magnets are a great choice.

Custom School Magnets

Maybe you want a unique shape that’s not round or oval. If you want to really stand out, you can choose unique shapes of all sorts. For example, you can create a football helmet or a puzzle piece design. Many other unique shapes are possible with an endless number of options.

One of the most popular custom school magnets shapes fits well for cheerleading. You can have a magnet designed like a megaphone with the cheerleading school name and mascot.

Let Us Help You Design Your Custom School Magnet

When it’s time to figure out the right design for your school magnet, our team is ready to help. At ARC Marketing, we offer free car magnet design for all our customers.

All you have to do is fill out a simple form with some information about the magnet you’d like. We will create a design for your free of charge. Even if you want us to make some changes, once it’s done, we will be happy to adjust the design to suit your specific needs.

When it’s time to start your back to school fundraiser, custom school magnets offer a great choice. With several design options, you can get the perfect magnet for your fundraiser this year.