Fundraising Car Magnets

Creative Ways to Use Custom Magnets for Fundraising

Custom Magnets for Fundraising
Custom Magnets for Fundraising

Creative Ways to Use Custom Magnets for Fundraising

When you want to use custom magnets as a fundraiser, there are some ways you can go about it. Of course, you can simply sell them to fans or to supporters to help raise money. This is the obvious and easy way to raise funds. However, there are other ways to use custom magnets for fundraising.

If you’re looking for a more creative way to use custom car magnets for fundraising, you need the right ideas. Let’s look at a few of the top options to help with your fundraising needs.

Most Creative Ways to Use Fundraising Car Magnets

1. Use as a Giveaway

This might seem counter-productive, but using custom car magnets as a giveaway can help boost another fundraising event. You can give them out as a prize in a silent auction, give them for a certain donation level at a car wash, or include them in a goodie bag at a golf outing.

There are many other ways you can give away fundraising car magnets to help add value to your event. This can help bring people back to your event next year and even help spread awareness about your organization.

2. Partner with a Sponsor Business

Another creative way to use custom magnets for fundraising is to partner with a sponsoring business. Let the business pay the fee to get the magnets in exchange for a “sponsored by: COMPANY NAME” printed on them.

This gives you a free product to sell or giveaway for your fundraiser. You can sell them for a lower price and keep 100% of the profits for your fundraiser.

3. Create a Magnet Advertising Your Fundraising Events

You can turn a custom car magnet into a fridge magnet reminder. This is a great way to promote all your fundraising events in one shot.

For example, maybe you are in charge of the fundraising for a middle school. You might hold a dozen events throughout the year for fundraising purposes. Create a magnet with your school’s information and a list of these events with the dates and times.

You can give this magnet to all the parents and supporters of your school or organization. Then, it can be placed on the fridge to help remind people of upcoming fundraising events. While you don’t make any money directly from the magnets, they will serve as a reminder to ensure your fundraising events are packed.

4. Promote on Social Media

If you have a great magnet design, you don’t have to count on just your volunteers to sell it. Instead, you can promote it on social media with a good marketing campaign. This can help you sell your design and it will work as a great post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social channels.

With the right social media marketing, you can sell more magnets. A very creative design will stand out and capture the attention of people on social media.

When you want to use custom magnets for fundraising, you want to get a bit creative. There are many ways to sell more magnets or use them to boost a fundraising event. Consider the possibilities and you’ll realize how valuable these magnets can be for your fundraising goals.