Car Magnets – Best Design Wins

Free Designs for your new car magnets.

Car magnets could be your most profitable fundraiser this year. Everybody loves car magnets and we make the best car magnets on this planet. But when it comes down to creating a car magnet, do you need to hire a professional artist? Computer artists charge about $50 to create logos, letterhead, and other designs.

Save your money! ARC Marketing will design your new magnet for free. We have a team of amazing artists and they design the most compelling car magnets in America. Let us take over your car magnet project while you move on to more important matters.

Perhaps the most critical part of the entire personalized vehicle magnet process is the design. Design work can be time consuming and expensive. Designing your new car magnet can take hours of artist-time. There could be numerous revisions. But it’s all worth the time and effort if you end up with a magnet that you love!

And what is the cost for all this?  Nothing if you are working with ARC Marketing. We do not charge for artwork or design-time.

We think we have the best designers in our industry. Our designs are clean and crisp; easy to read from a distance but able to broadcast your message powerfully.

Are you ready to have one of our designers unleash their mad skills on your next car magnet? Visit our website at and let’s see what we can do together.