Fundraising Car Magnets

Football Car Magnets


As mentioned in previous blog posts, the cost of High School Sports is very high, and getting higher all the time. Car magnets provide a very easy, very profitable fundraising opportunity.

The Braintree Football Boosters had us design and produce this magnet for to assist with their fundraising efforts.


High School Football Car Magnets

High School Football Car Magnets

Here is a little more info about Braintree Football, in their words…

It has been said that a child participating in football will never regret the experience.  Football has been called the ultimate sport because it teaches students valuable lessons in team work, leadership, friendships, and is said to be the pulse of a school’s climate.  It provides an outlet for students that builds confidence, self-esteem, a feeling of contribution, and a pride in ones’ self and community.  Every student-athlete in Braintree High School’s football program is developed to their highest potential in order to graduate champions in the classroom, on the field, and in life.  The entire Braintree High School community has great vision for our football players and is investing in them on and off the field, challenging them, and instilling strong character values in them.  This fall has been their time to shine, and not just because they’re wearing new uniforms.  Although they do look good!

Through wear and tear, demand for different sizes, program growth, and most importantly, budgetary restraints on the athletic program, the responsibility of purchasing new uniforms for 90 players had to be funded through ancillary sources.  Welcome the BHS Football Booster Club!  In operation since 2011, having taken over for similar type fundraising group, “Friends of Braintree Football,” The Booster Club is comprised of players’ parents, supported by the coaching staff.  This dedicated group of volunteers has spent hours meeting, planning, ordering, shopping, writing letters, manning snack bars, raffle tables, and golf tournaments, in between knocking on countless doors asking for donations.  And we did it.  We raised enough money to purchase Under Armour royal blue “Home” jerseys, white “Away” jerseys, and pants, for all 90 members of the BHS Varsity and Junior Varsity football teams.  Why?  For the players.  How?  Because of you.

As a result of friends and suppliers like you, who work with us on our fundraising ideas (thank you for your patience!), we were able to equip our student-athletes with new uniforms and let them experience BHS WAMPS PRIDE.  Because We Are Making Players Successful!

On behalf of the entire BHS WAMPS Football community, thank you for your time and talent.