Fundraising Car Magnets

Benefit Custom Round Car Magnets Provide You

Round Car Magnets
Round Car Magnets

Benefit Custom Round Car Magnets Provide You

Whether you’re ready to raise money for your foundation or you need to spread the word about anything, custom round car magnets provide a great solution. These custom round car magnets offer plenty of benefits for businesses, schools, churches, sports teams, and other organizations.

If you’re ready to use custom circle magnets, you need to know the benefits they provide. Let’s look at some of the top benefits you gain with these specific magnets.

Top 6 Benefits of Using Custom Circle Magnets

1. Excellent Visibility

You’ll get a 4-inch or 5-inch circle magnet you can use for your message. The circle shape allows you to stand out since so many magnets are rectangular or square in shape.

2. Good Fit for Customization

Custom circle magnets give you the perfect fit for any type of magnet you want to create. Whether you’re trying to create a car magnet or a fridge magnet, you’ll have the space you need and the right shape to work with. The round shape offers an easy-to-work-with space for customization, too.

3. Very Versatile

You can choose from two different circle magnet sizes, along with plenty of colors, fonts, and designs. Custom circle magnets are very versatile and will look with any type of design.

4. Budget-Friendly

Maybe you’re working with a bit of a tighter budget. With custom round magnets, you get one of the most budget-friendly options for your custom magnet needs. Round car magnets cost as low as $1 per magnet and you can even get smaller quantities for $3.50 per magnet. Since these magnets can be sold $7 to $10 pretty easily, they even make a great fundraising option.

5. Easy to Distribute

You can distribute car magnets through a mailer, as a sales item for a fundraiser, or as a freebie, you give out to customers. The size and shape of the magnet make it very easy to distribute for your marketing or fundraising needs.

6. Very Durable

Since our round magnets are made as custom car magnets, they are very durable. These custom circle magnets can withstand any weather situation outside, which makes them very durable. They can last a very long time on a car, fridge, or another magnetic surface.

There are many benefits you gain from using round car magnets. The shape is easy to work with and can give you the perfect design for your specific needs. It doesn’t matter the type of custom magnet you’re trying to design; the circle shape works very well.

With our round car magnets, you get a budget-friendly option that you can use for anything. Whether you’re trying to promote a pizza delivery service or raise money for your sports team, you can use a custom circle magnet. Even churches can spread the word by handing out these affordable promotional devices.

If you’re ready to design your perfect round car magnet, you can start with our free virtual magnet design tool. Of course, you can also call us for help with your design and with any questions.