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3 Great Custom Magnet Options for Schools

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets for Fundraising

3 Great Custom Magnet Options for Schools

Schools are always looking for ways to raise money. A school magnet offers one of the best options as it can be sold year-round and have a very high-profit margin. With the right design, you can sell a ton of school magnets as a fundraiser.

Of course, before you choose the right type of magnet for your needs, you should know which ones are most popular. Many schools use custom magnets to represent their school, along with their sports teams. Let’s look at three very popular options you can use for your school.

Three Top School Magnets to Choose From

1. Car Magnets

When you choose to use custom car magnets for your school, they make a great option for parents and supporters. When someone puts the magnet on their vehicle and drives around the community, it helps to spread awareness. This is great for private schools and other schools trying to garner more attention.

With the right design, you can capture the attention of a ton of people within your community. These full-color magnets can help your school grow in popularity, too. They can also be used to boost school spirit when used to represent sports teams.

2. Fundraising Car Magnets

Of course, your school magnet can also be a fundraising magnet. These magnets can be sold to supporters to raise money for the school, for clubs, or for sports teams. Not only will these magnets spread awareness, but they can also help you raise money.

3. School Calendar Magnets

With this type of magnet, you get a design that will likely be fit for the fridge. It shows everything that’s going on during the school year, such as different events, conferences, and more. These magnets can be designed to represent a sports team and show off their schedule, too.

A Few Things to Consider with Your Custom School Magnet

Before you choose from the types of magnets, it’s important to consider your goals. Are you trying to raise money, remind parents of important events, spread awareness, or do you have another goal? The right type of magnet will make a difference, but there are a few other things to consider, too.

The Shape

You can create a custom car magnet for your school in the standard round or oval design. However, you can also create a custom-shaped magnet. This can give you an edge over other options as it will stand out even more.

The Colors

Of course, you want the colors to match your school colors. Make sure they are bright and bold. The right design should be easy to read and the colors should stand out quite well.

The Quantity

If you’re creating a school magnet to represent the entire school, you can give this away or sell it all year long. Consider how many you think you can sell before you choose the quantity if this is going to be a fundraiser.

A school magnet just makes sense for many different schools. Whether you’re trying to raise money or spread awareness, the right custom car magnet can make a huge difference.