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Which Year-Round School Fundraisers Work Best?

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Fundraising Car Magnets

Which Year-Round School Fundraisers Work Best?

School fundraisers are important. You probably run several each year, but some can become year-round school fundraisers. There are certain things you can do to make sure you’re raising money all year long for your school.

Whether it’s a high school, middle school, or elementary school, the right year-round fundraisers can help you. Let’s look at some of the best year-round school fundraisers to help you keep your school running smoothly.

Top 3 Year-Round School Fundraisers

1. Fundraising Car Magnets

An easy fundraiser to run all year long is selling custom car magnets. These magnets can be sold at all school events, on the school website, and in many different ways. They can be designed to represent your specific school in many ways. You can use a mascot magnet for sporting events and a school magnet for other events.

Since custom car magnets are not very expensive, they provide a high profit margin. You can sell these magnets for two, three, or even four times the cost you will spend to get them. If you’re looking for an easy and powerful year-round school fundraiser, selling custom car magnets is a great choice.

2. Collect Aluminum Cans

You can set up a shed in your parking lot to collect aluminum cans. This can be an easy fundraiser where you simply ask the families of the students to collect their aluminum cans together and donate them to the school. Then, when they are hauled away to the recycling center, you earn some money for all the cans collected.

Not only will you be able to raise money, but you will also be helping the environment by recycling. This is a great way to keep some money coming in for your school year-round.

3. Season Tickets

While season tickets might not be a completely year-round school fundraiser, it can be a longer fundraiser than just a one-off fundraiser. You can sell season tickets to football games, basketball games, baseball games, theater performances, and more.

If you have events that you host at your school, sell season tickets. You can even sell a package that includes multiple sports, along with other performances. This can be a great way to raise money and get more fans in the seats for all your events.

Plus, when you sell season tickets, you can give people the VIP experience by making these the best seats in the house. This can help you make more money from concessions and from anything else that is going on at the events, such as 50/50 raffles or even selling custom car magnets at the events.

These are three great year-round school fundraisers you can use. Depending on the level of your school, you might use one or all of these ideas. Some schools can certainly benefit from using year-round school fundraisers instead of just the one-off fundraisers used throughout the year.

If you want to sell custom car magnets as a year-round school fundraiser, use our virtual design tool. You can also contact us for assistance with getting the custom magnets you need.