Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Fraternities

Fundraising Car Magnets
Top Fundraiser Ideas for Fraternities

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Fraternities

Your fraternity needs to raise some money, but you’re not sure how to do it. You want to make sure you choose the right fundraiser idea for your needs. There are plenty of great ideas to consider.

When you need to raise money, sometimes, you have to get creative. Other times, you just need the right fundraiser ideas for fraternities. Let’s look at some of the top options.

5 Fundraiser Ideas for Fraternities

1. Sell Custom Car Magnets

You can sell custom car magnets that represent your college or you can pair your custom magnets with an awareness organization. When you work with an awareness organization, such as autism awareness or cancer awareness, you can also spread the message.

Custom car magnets work great because they have a high profit margin. You can sell fundraising car magnets for several times what you pay for them. They also give you an easy-to-store and easy-to-sell item. Unlike food items you could sell, custom car magnets don’t take up much room or require any special storage.

2. Car Wash

A very good fundraiser idea for fraternities is a car wash. You already have the necessary workers with those in the fraternity. All you need is a place to hold the car wash and some supplies to wash cars.

You can even pair this type of fundraiser with a custom car magnet fundraiser. Giving a custom car magnet that matches your school to anybody that donates a certain amount for a car wash can help you raise donations. For example, maybe your regular donation amount is $10, but for a donation of $15 or more, you give away a custom car magnet. This can help you make more money from your fundraiser.

3. Hold an Event

You are a fraternity, so holding an event should be something you do regularly, already. When you hold the right type of event, you can certainly raise the money you need. There are many types of events you can hold as a fraternity.

4. Sell a Food Item

While it’s not the best fundraiser you can run, selling a food item, such as pizza or candy can help you raise money for your fraternity. There are many different food items you can use as your fraternity fundraiser idea.

5. Run a Fundraiser within Your College

At some colleges, you can run a concession stand at a sporting event or do something else with the college to raise money for your fundraiser. Make sure you look into what is offered on campus to make it easier for you to raise money for your fundraiser. It’s important to explore your options and this is often an easier way to run your fundraiser.

There are many great fundraiser ideas for fraternities. You want to make sure you choose the right fundraiser for your needs. Often, you will need more than just one fundraiser throughout the year.

School car magnets offer a great option for your fundraiser. It’s easy to get started with our free virtual design tool. Of course, you can always contact us for assistance.