Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Easy & Cheap Fundraisers for Hockey Teams

Hockey Car Magnets for Fundraising
Hockey Car Magnets for Fundraising

Top Easy & Cheap Fundraisers for Hockey Teams

Hockey season isn’t far off and it’s time to start setting up your fundraisers. Whether you need to raise money for uniforms, equipment, travel, or another reason, you need to line up the right fundraisers for your hockey team. Let’s look at some of the top easy and cheap fundraisers you can use for your hockey teams.

Best 5 Cheap and Easy Hockey Team Fundraisers

1. Custom Car Magnets

When you want a high-profit margin and branding all wrapped into one fundraiser, custom car magnets offer a great choice. Your hockey team fans can support your team and show their pride with a magnet on their car. You can even customize the magnet to really represent your team well.

This type of fundraiser also has no expiration date and can be combined with others. You can sell custom car magnets at games, at other fundraisers, and in other places. There are several ways to use these magnets to raise funds.

2. Food Fundraisers

There are many different food fundraisers to choose from. They can work great for hockey teams, but they come with some drawbacks. Some food fundraisers will require special storage. Others will require you to take orders, collect cash, and then, later deliver the product.

There are many great food fundraisers to consider. Just be aware of the profit margin and the storage issues you might run into.

3. Car Washes

Car wash fundraisers can be very cheap and easy to run with a hockey team. If your players are old enough, they can provide the labor. This makes it pretty easy, as you will just need supplies and a location.

Plus, with a car wash, you can add in a custom car magnet. If someone makes a larger than a normal donation, give them a car magnet. This can help to get people to provide larger donations for the car wash.

4. Raffles

Hockey games make for a good raffle option. You can run 50/50 raffles or door prize raffles for those in attendance. You might not make a huge amount of cash from this type of fundraiser, but you can make some money at each game and it’s easy to run.

There are many types of raffles you can run. These can even be run at other events, such as awards ceremonies or other events you have for the hockey team. All it takes is a crowd, a prize people want, and someone to run the raffle.

5. Concessions

Of course, running concessions at games is another great way to raise money for your hockey team. You can even sell custom car magnets at the concession stand to boost your profits. As long as you offer good concessions, you can make a decent amount per game to help support the team.

There are many great fundraising options for hockey teams. You don’t have to break the bank to run a good fundraiser. They can be easy and cheap to run and you can still raise the money you need for your team.