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Top Dos and Don’ts for Custom Car Magnets

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Top Dos and Don’ts for Custom Car Magnets

Custom car magnets can be used for many things from marketing to fundraising. You can spread your message all over your community and even throughout the country with the right custom magnets. Before you start using these magnets, it’s important to understand some of the top dos and don’ts for custom car magnets.

Dos for Custom Car Magnets

1. Choose a Relevant Design

Of course, you want to choose a relevant design for your custom car magnet. If you’re trying to raise money for a sports team, you should choose a mascot magnet or a design that fits the sport you play. Make sure you have a good design for your magnet that fits your business or organization well. Fundraising car magnets can be very profitable with a compelling design.

2. Choose the Right Size

There are different sizes you can use for your custom car magnet and size does matter. Sometimes, a slightly larger magnet size gives you just the room you need to create the perfect design. Other times, a larger magnet will stand out better and get your message across easier. But, since most people prefer to put their magnet on the back of their car, larger magnets might not be better. On the back of some passenger cars, there might not be enough room for a magnet larger than a 5” round or 6” oval car magnet.

You want to consider the overall length and width of your magnet, but you also want to consider the thickness. If it’s too thin, it won’t stand up to the elements very well and might not have the durability of a true custom car magnet.

3. Include Your Contact Information

In most cases, you want to include contact information on your custom car magnet. It’s very rare that you won’t want some way for someone to contact you, but it does happen. Maybe you’re raising money by using an awareness magnet and you just want to spread awareness for a cause. This is one instance where contact information won’t matter, but usually, you want to include your website or phone number on the magnet.

Don’ts for Custom Car Magnets

1. Choose Bad Colors

Most commonly, the colors you choose will match your business, sports team, school, or church logo. If you choose colors that don’t look good together, it will throw off the entire design of the magnet. Make sure you choose the right colors for your custom car magnet.

2. Use Low-Quality Photos

If you plan to use an image for the design of your custom car magnet, it needs to be a high-quality photo. Low-quality images won’t turn out very well and you won’t be happy with the finished product.

3. Choose Fancy Fonts

Unless you use a very fancy font for your organization already, don’t choose a fancy font that is hard to read. Stick with fonts that stand out and communicate your message clearly and quickly. A fancy font makes the onlooker have to struggle to read what your magnet says and they will likely give up quickly.

The right custom car magnet can help you raise money, promote a business, or spread awareness. These magnets work for a variety of organizations, but you want to make sure you have a good design. Use the dos and don’ts above and our free virtual design tool to design your magnet today! Of course, you can also contact our team to help with the design of your custom magnet.