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How to Increase Your Fundraising Sales Fast

School Magnets for Fundraising
School Magnets for Fundraising

How to Increase Your Fundraising Sales Fast

Fundraisers are not easy. Many groups try to perform better than they did the year before, which means you need to increase your fundraiser sales. Let’s look at a few ways you can get more sales this year.

7 Ways to Boost Fundraiser Sales This Year

1. Choose the Right Product

If you ran a fundraiser with cookie dough last year and did okay, maybe you need a different product this year. Custom car magnets can help you boost your sales as they give you an easy-to-sell product for a high-profit margin.

With the right product, you can increase your fundraising sales fast. Choose wisely and match the product with your group and your audience.

2. Don’t Run Too Many Fundraisers

Your supporters can get rather burned out if you’re trying to sell them something every few months. Sometimes it’s better to just run one or two fundraisers instead of running them consistently. Focus on selling more with one and you might see larger profits compared to trying to run three or four fundraisers every year.

3. Get the Work Out

There are many creative ways to get the word out when you’re going to run a fundraiser. You can partner with local businesses to help sell your fundraising item or even get them to sponsor some advertisement for you.

It’s also possible to get featured on local news channels, speak at local churches, or get advertising from another type of organization donated to your cause.

4. Sell a Custom Product

Maybe you’re just one of many groups selling cookies, popcorn, or pizzas. It’s not very unique and your audience might not find it necessary to buy from you.

A custom product, such as a custom car magnet, might offer a better option for your fundraiser this time around.

5. Choose a Different Time of Year

Did you try to run a fundraiser in the summer last year and it didn’t go so well? Try the spring this year or even the winter. Many groups find the holiday season to be a great time to run their fundraiser due to the generous mood many people are already in.

6. Get More People Involved

Maybe last year you just got the students involved in your school fundraiser. This year, get the parents and teachers involved, too. The more people involved, the easier it is to spread the fundraiser by word-of-mouth.

7. Consider Expanding Your Audience

There are several ways to expand your audience and sell more for your fundraiser. When you want to increase your fundraiser sales, maybe it’s as simple as posting up outside more stores to sell or going into the next community over this year. The more reach you can create, the more sales you can make, even if they are to people you didn’t think would be that interested.

These seven tips will help you to increase your fundraiser sales this year. Use these tips to create a plan you can use to raise more money with your fundraiser the next time around.