Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles for Fundraising


Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles for Fundraising

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles for Fundraising

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles for Fundraising

When it’s time to choose the right fundraiser for your group, you should look at custom car magnets vs. candles. Both offer the ability to make money for your group, but only one will be the right option for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re raising money for a sports team, church, school, or any other group, the right fundraiser makes a huge difference. Let’s compare the custom car magnet fundraiser to selling candles as a fundraiser.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles: Your Target Audience

Custom car magnets provide a very large target audience. Anybody wanting to show support for your group or team will be happy to buy a magnet and display it on their car. Heck, they will likely buy a new magnet every single year, which makes it very easy to use this fundraiser annually.

Candles are very popular, of course, and about 72% of homes in the United States have candles. However, the target audience is lower, especially without the ability to allow potential customers to smell the candles first. Some buyers can be very picky about the scents they like and candles don’t appeal to everybody.

Winner: The custom car magnet fundraiser wins when it comes to the target audience. This type of fundraiser offers a larger audience for more sales.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles: Distribution

Another important thing to consider when looking at custom car magnets vs. candles for your fundraiser is distribution. With candles, you’ll receive a catalog or a free candle kit, along with order sheets and collection envelopes. Those participating will need to take orders and will distribute candles later on after all orders have been received.

Custom car magnets are purchased upfront and sold on the spot. When someone decides to buy a car magnet from you, they pay you and you give them a magnet. This makes it easy to distribute your product without needing to take and fill orders.

You can sell custom car magnets at sporting events, at school, at church, during festivals and fairs, and at other events. They can easily be sold just about anywhere and distribution is simple.

Winner: Custom car magnets beat candles again because the distribution is much easier. You won’t need to take orders and fill them later with car magnets.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles: Price

When you plan a fundraiser, you don’t want to sell something so high in price it’s hard to sell. Of course, you also want to make sure there’s enough of a profit margin to make it worth the effort.

With custom car magnets, you can set your price at $10 or less. This makes it very easy to sell custom car magnets as $10 isn’t a lot of money for most people.

A candle fundraiser is another good choice when it comes to price. Most candles will sell for around $15, which makes them another low price item good for fundraising.

Winner: Custom car magnets and candles both offer a good price. For this category, it’s a tie.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles: Profit Margin

One of the most important factors in choosing a fundraiser is the profit margin. You need it to be worth it if you’re going to send your students, athletes, or participants out to sell something to raise money.

Candles offer a decent profit margin of around 50%. If you sell candles for $15, you’ll make about $7.50 per candle. This means you need to sell 100 candles to raise around $750 for your group.

With custom car magnets, the more you buy, the lower the price becomes. If you buy 100, you’ll pay $3 to $3.50 per magnet, depending on the size. However, if you buy 1,000 magnets, you’ll pay around $1 per magnet. You can even find a sponsor to cover the cost of the magnets in exchange for their name as the sponsor on the magnet.

With 1,000 magnets at about $1 each, you’ve invested $1,000 into your fundraiser. If you sell each magnet for an average of $7.50 each (offer 1 for $10 or 2 for $15), you’ll have $7,500 in sales. After your cost, you will have raised $6,500. The profit margin is approximately 750%!

Winner: When it comes to profit margin, custom car magnets beat nearly every other fundraiser available, including a candle fundraiser.

If you’re planning a new fundraiser for your group, consider a custom car magnet fundraiser. It’s a better choice for most groups compared to a candle fundraiser.