Fundraising Car Magnets

Comparing Large Car Door Magnets and Smaller Fundraising/Awareness Car Magnets

Smaller car magnets for advertising and promotion
Smaller Advertising Car Magnets

Comparing Large Car Door Magnets and Smaller Fundraising/Awareness Car Magnets

Most businesses utilize large car door magnets for advertising. These magnets are often used by realtors, contractors, pool cleaning companies, and landscape companies. They typically place these magnets on the doors of their cars. On the other hand, groups looking to raise money and awareness prefer smaller fundraising/awareness magnets.

Cost Comparison

Large car door magnets cost $10-$20 each. Businesses usually buy them in quantities of 2 to a few dozen. In contrast, smaller fundraising/awareness car magnets cost $1.50-$4.00 each. These are sold in quantities ranging from 50 to 500. This makes them more affordable for fundraising groups.

Placement on the Car

Large Car Door Magnets

The large magnets are designed to fit on car doors. They are too big to fit on the back of the car. To read a car door magnet, you need to be beside the vehicle. This placement can limit visibility. It is less likely to be seen by people behind the car.

Smaller Fundraising/Awareness Car Magnets

These magnets are smaller and fit on the back of most passenger cars. This placement gives them much more visibility. Drivers behind the car can easily see the message. This makes them effective for spreading awareness.

Pros and Cons of Placement

Car Door Magnets

  • Pros: Easy to place and remove.
  • Cons: Limited visibility, only seen from the side.

Back of the Car Magnets

  • Pros: High visibility from behind.
  • Cons: Smaller size may limit message space.

Business Usage of Large Car Door Magnets

Most businesses use large car door magnets for advertising and promotion. A company might have a fleet of five vehicles, each with a magnet on the door. These five magnets could provide thousands of advertising views in a typical day of driving around town. This visibility comes from pedestrians and drivers beside the vehicles.

Alternative Use of Smaller Car Magnets

The same company could utilize smaller advertising car magnets from ARC Marketing on the back of their cars. Because of their lower unit price, the company can buy more magnets. They can give these to clients to put on their cars. If the company buys 100 smaller round magnets and gives them to 100 customers, they increase their advertising reach. These 100 magnets on 100 different cars might provide tens of thousands of advertising views in a typical day of driving around. This is because each magnet reaches a broader audience from the back of the car.

Designs That Attract Customers

To compel a customer to put an advertising magnet on their car, the design needs to be attractive. It can’t just be a company name and logo. Who would want that on their car if they did not work there? An effective magnet design should be colorful and not just look like a big business card. The art department at ARC Marketing has helped many businesses create eye-catching designs that customers want on their cars. These designs make the magnets appealing and increase the likelihood of them being displayed.

ARC Marketing’s Expertise

ARC Marketing has an expert art department. They have over 20 years of experience designing school car magnets. This expertise makes them the go-to company for America’s best car magnets. They understand the needs of both businesses and fundraising groups.


In conclusion, large car door magnets are great for businesses needing door space. They provide a professional look but have limited visibility. Smaller fundraising/awareness magnets are perfect for groups raising money and awareness. They are affordable, highly visible, and effective. By using smaller magnets, businesses can extend their reach and maximize their advertising potential. ARC Marketing’s experience ensures high-quality design and effectiveness for all car magnet needs.