Fundraising Car Magnets

Choosing a Fundraiser for the Holiday Season

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

Choosing a Fundraiser for the Holiday Season

When the holiday season rolls around, you want to have the right fundraiser ready to go. November and December are two of the best months for fundraising. Once Thanksgiving weekend arrives, people start to get into the extra special giving mood.

If you want to enjoy a very successful fundraiser, plan it for the holiday season. Along with using this time of year to raise money, you want to choose the right fundraiser for the holiday season. Let’s look at a few of the top options.

Top 5 Holiday Season Fundraiser to Consider

1. Sell Custom Car Magnets

They make a great gift and a great option for your holiday season fundraiser. You don’t need a magnet with a holiday theme, but it might work, depending on your organization. A custom car magnet designed to match your school, church, or another group will work just fine. Of course, for churches, a nativity custom car magnet can be a great choice for your holiday season fundraiser.

When you sell custom car magnets during the holiday season, you can spread awareness and raise money at the same time. It’s even possible to use the awareness ribbon magnets to match your cause. No matter the magnet, this can be a very successful fundraiser during the holiday season.

If this is the fundraiser you want to use for the holiday season, we can help. Contact us today or start with our free magnet design tool.

2. Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Of course, selling wrapping paper makes sense around the holiday season. You will need to get out to sell your paper early, however. Once Christmas comes and goes, your fundraiser will not be effective anymore.

This type of fundraiser should be held in November, especially if you have to deliver the paper after taking orders. People need to have their wrapping paper at least a few weeks before Christmas, if not sooner.

3. Food Fundraiser

The holiday season is the time of the year to run a food fundraiser of any type. People are less likely to be dieting or watching what they eat during this time of the year. Choose from a popcorn fundraiser, cookie dough fundraiser, or another type of food fundraiser.

The big issue with food fundraisers is the storage of the food. In some cases, you will need special storage, which might not work well for your group.

4. Christmas Picture Fundraiser

If you have the ability to take pictures with Santa or for Christmas cards, this can be a great holiday season fundraiser. You will need a photographer with a good quality camera. If you have the ability to edit pictures, create holiday cards, or add a Santa to the mix, it might help you raise even more money.

There are many great fundraisers to consider for the holiday season. Choosing a high-profit margin option, such as custom car magnets make a lot of sense. Get your fundraiser set up now so that you can take advantage of the holiday season this year.