Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Candy Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Candy Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Candy Fundraiser

Car magnets and candy can both be sold as a way to raise money. When looking at the right fundraiser for your specific needs, comparing a few options is always a good idea.

While most people are more familiar with a candy fundraiser, don’t discount using custom car magnets for your fundraiser. Everybody has seen the groups selling candy and there’s really nothing unique about selling a chocolate bar to raise money.

However, when you choose a magnet fundraiser, you have a unique edge for your specific group. Whether you’re raising money for a school, sports program, church youth group, or any other cause, comparing a custom car magnet fundraiser to a candy fundraiser is a great place to start.

Why Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser Work

Deciding to use car magnets for your fundraiser means you’ll gain many benefits. They are very inexpensive and have a high-profit margin for fundraising groups.

Compared to a candy fundraiser, you don’t have to keep car magnets refrigerated or worry about the magnets going bad. They can be stored pretty much anywhere and nobody has ever heard of a custom car magnet attracting bugs or other pets.

The main reason you may decide a magnet fundraiser makes more sense is the profit margin. In most circumstances, you’d have to sell 5 or more candy bars to make the same profit as selling just one custom car magnet.

Another good reason to choose a custom car magnet fundraiser is the ability to raise awareness. Candy doesn’t really raise awareness for very long. People buy it, consume it, and move on.

Custom car magnets, on the other hand, get displayed on a vehicle and stay there for a much longer time. You can have the magnet designed with your brand or even with a specific cause to help spread awareness.

What Does a Candy Fundraiser Offer?

While custom car magnet fundraisers offer plenty of benefits compared to a candy fundraiser, there are some benefits to selling candy. Most people enjoy eating candy, so it’s pretty easy to sell, but it’s also not healthy. Any health-conscious people probably won’t buy candy from you, no matter the reason.

Candy is pretty inexpensive, too, which makes it easier to get people to buy. However, the lower price point also means you have to sell quite a bit more to make the money you need.

Of course, a candy fundraiser can be very helpful in specific circumstances. If you were selling candy at a sporting event to raise funds, it makes quite a bit of sense. However, it shouldn’t be considered as the only fundraising option or the main fundraiser for your group.

When comparing a custom car magnet fundraiser to a candy fundraiser, it’s easy to see which one offers more benefits. Selling custom car magnets offers a higher profit margin and provides a way to spread more awareness. Plus, you won’t have to worry about storage issues with custom car magnets.