Fundraising Car Magnets

School Car Magnets for Fundraising

Car magnets for school fundraising

School Car Magnets

School car magnets are our biggest sales category. We make magnets for every type of school imaginable.

Here are just a few:

Quite often, the magnets are requested by your school’s PTA, PTO or other Parent Group. The PTA then sells the magnets to other parents and faculty to raise money for the school. The money is compelling: a PTA selling just 250 magnets can easily make as much as $1,000 after paying for the custom magnets!

Sometimes the magnets are requested by a parent of a student athlete. For example, a parent with a student on the school’s Lacrosse Team might order a small quantity of magnets customized for the LAX team. Then they parents would sell them and raise funds for travel or equipment. The Lacrosse Team selling just 100 magnets can make as much as $250 after paying for their custom magnets.

Sometimes the magnets are requested by a school that wants to acknowledge Honor Roll Students, or Perfect Attendance Students. Normally, the school gives these away to the Honor Students, so no money is raised but the whole town will know who the Honor Roll Students are.

More and more frequently, the magnets are ordered by the school principal or other district official.

The bottom line is this; custom car magnets will raise money and raise school spirit. For samples, a free magnet design and all the information you will need, visit our website at