Lollipop vs. Car Magnet

Car Magnets for Fundraising

Car Magnets for Fundraising

Fundraising Car Magnets

Literally, just now, I bought a lollipop for a dollar. It was for a fundraiser for a local school. Two children were going door to door selling them. The lollipop looked just like any other lollipop, and I don’t know what makes it worth a dollar (is that the going rate for a lollipop these days?). Anyway, it is just a small round lollipop the size and shape of a tootsie-roll pop. I probably wouldn’t pay a quarter for it at a Convenience Store.

I wonder how much money the school is making off of each lollipop. Not knowing the cost of lollipops at wholesale, I guess the school could have paid 50¢ each for them and is doubling their money. I almost said “no thanks” because I don’t eat much candy and I don’t really want it in the house. But I bought one anyway (good neighbor policy). It’s 2014 and I would assume that most people are looking at high fructose sugary snacks a little differently than they did in the past. I wonder how many other neighbors are wondering what to do the lollipop they just bought. I also don’t even know which school they attend. Maybe they just bought 20 lollipops at the 7-11 for a 50¢ each and are making money for themselves; you never know.

Now, if they had ordered custom made car magnets with their school name and school logo, they would probably have an easier time with this fundraiser. Nobody looks at a car magnet and wonders if it will make them fat, or affect their health. They also wouldn’t need to wonder what school these kids attended; it would be printed on the magnet.
Perhaps the best news for the school is that a car magnet fundraiser will make a lot more money and even raise awareness for the school. If that school had ARC Marketing print 500 car magnets, they would have made $1,685 in pure, clean profit. At 50¢ profit per lollipop, that’s 3,370 lollipops (and about 10,000 cavities). Maybe the local dentist should be selling the lollipops.

So the moral of this story is: schools should get out of the business of unhealthy snacks and get into the business of branding themselves with a custom car magnet.

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