How to take care of your new school magnet

Car Magnet Care

How to take care of your new car magnet

So, you’ve finally decided to get serious about fundraising and now you’re ordering custom car magnets for your school, little league team, church, etc. Trust me, you are going to be thrilled with the response as long as you had ARC Marketing design and print your magnets.

Car magnets are easy to take care of, but there are a few things you can do to make them last longer (and protect your car!). Most of these tips are really intended to protect your car’s paint. We know that our magnets are bullet-proof. We don’t know what condition your car’s paint is in, so most of these steps will prevent damage to your car.

Never put your magnet on a dirty car

The first thing you need to do before you put your magnet on your car for the first time is to clean the area that you will be putting the magnet on. For best results, wash and wax your car (for some people this is an annual chore!). Putting your magnet on a dirty car will probably result in small scratches over time beneath the magnet. Our magnets have a tremendous amount of “pull strength” (this is the metric used to measure a magnets strength). Since the magnet will be pulled tight against your car, any movement of the magnet will scratch the paint if there is dirt or grit between the magnet and the car.

Make sure your magnet and car are dry

Don’t let moisture stay beneath your magnet for long periods of time. That moisture can get very warm in the sun. Also, if the magnet is over a paint blemish, the water could be in contact with bare metal and might promote rust. This doesn’t mean you need to dry your magnet every time it rains but leaving moisture between your magnet and car can cause problems for your car’s paint.

Remove and clean both sides of your magnet at least once a month

A clean magnet will look better and it will be easier to read. But there are other benefits of a clean car magnet; it will last longer! Again, the purpose of this step is to protect your car. Here’s another thing you should do while you’re cleaning your magnet… put it somewhere else on your car! Why? Because your car’s paint is slowly fading from the sun. Leaving your magnet in the same spot over a long period of time will leave a spot the same size and shape of your magnet in your car’s original color!

Put your magnet on the back or side of your car

Do not put your magnet on the hood of your car or on your car’s roof. Putting the magnet on a horizontal surface like the hood, roof or trunk lid will generate a lot of heat from the sun. Putting it on a vertical surface like the back or side of your is not only safer, it looks better. Besides, nobody can see if from another car if it’s on your hood.

Remove magnet by lifting entire magnet from surface

Important… do not slide the magnet across the surface of the car’s paint. Any debris, dust, etc. will act like sandpaper and will damage the paint. Duh.

Simple, right?

It really is! Just remember these two things… put your magnet on a clean car and move it around occasionally.

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